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Association of Paediatric Charted Physiotherapists Conference 2023

As a medical negligence lawyer, I've built an excellent relationship with the Association of Paediatric Charted Physiotherapists (APCP) over a number of years and look forward to attending their Annual Exhibition and Conference on 20th and  21st October 2023 at Emirates Old Trafford, Manchester. This annual conference is attended by those clinicians who treat and assess disabled children nationally. 

What does the APCP do?

The APCP’s main aim is to provide evidence based physiotherapy resources to enable all babies, children and young people to achieve their potential. Their vision is to transform lives through the use of physiotherapy and maximise independence for those that they are able to assist. They have been established since 1973 and have continued to expand ever since to reach more young people’s lives. 

At Irwin Mitchell, we have a strong focus on the wellbeing and optimization of recovery of our clients.

On a day-to-day basis, we represent many babies, children and young people who have suffered life changing injuries and need an extensive programme of rehabilitation including specialist paediatric neuro-physiotherapy. 

Annual conference

The annual conference welcomes treating clinicians from up and down the country to talk about their specialised area.  The day starts with Claire Robertson, a consultant physiotherapist from Wimbledon Clinics, to give an informative talk regarding Adolescent Patellofemoral Pain. The day then consists of further talks from physiotherapists talking about their different specialist subjects. There will also be panel discussions taking place throughout the day.

The APCP also recognises that children who are undergoing physiotherapy also have other needs which have to be met. To this extent, they welcome talks from Professor Geoff Wood, Emeritus Professor of Human Genetics in which he will talk about Congenital Insensitivity to Pain: The commonest cause of Charcot's joints in childhood.

It's also acknowledged that children may need further non-medical therapies to help them with their disabilities. To aid this, Charlotta Martinus who is a Master of Yoga will be leading a talk on mental health and specifically research evidence of the impact of yoga for specific mental health conditions prevalent among young people in the US and UK.

Irwin Mitchell supporting event

Irwin Mitchell is supporting the Association of Paediatric Charted Physiotherapists Annual Conference 2023 and I'll be addressing the attendees ahead of the drinks reception. Irwin Mitchell have also invited Newlife, a charity who we also work closely with that provide equipment for disabled children to share our stand in the main Exhibition Hall.

I'll be joined by Kris Inskip and Richard Biggs, Partners from our Manchester Office.

We all very much look forward to the Exhibition and Conference and wish the APCP the best of luck. 

Find out more about Irwin Mitchell's expertise in supporting people affected by medical negligence issues at our dedicated section on the website.