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Diversity: Unveiling the common themes among top manufacturing companies

The top 10 most diverse manufacturing companies according to Manufacturing Digital exemplify the significance of diversity and inclusion in driving innovation and success. While each company clearly has its unique approach, there are a number of themes that emerge which highlight why businesses in the sector should be investing more time and money in their diversity strategy.

Promoting gender diversity

  • Tetra Pak: Recognising the need to improve gender diversity in the food and beverage manufacturing industry, Tetra Pak actively encourages more women to join the sector. By diversifying perspectives, they drive transformational change.
  • Siemens: Focused on infrastructure, transport, and healthcare, Siemens believes that a diverse workforce is essential for building efficient factories and advancing healthcare solutions. Initiatives like SieMent EmpowHer promote gender diversity and empower women in STEM fields.

Recognised excellence in diversity and inclusion

  • PPG: Publicly recognised for its outstanding diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts, PPG demonstrates its commitment to historically underrepresented populations. Their focus on DE&I creates an inclusive environment that fosters innovation and supports diverse communities.

Inclusive leadership for a better future

  • General Motors: Understanding the potential of technology transformations to leave individuals behind, GM emphasises inclusive leadership. By fostering diversity in the workplace, they ensure equitable transitions and create a better future for all.
  • Ford Motor Company: While acknowledging the challenges in achieving true belief in diversity and inclusion, Ford is committed to walking the walk. They strive to foster an inclusive environment and promote diversity at all levels.

Celebrating diversity and broadening opportunities

  • Caterpillar Inc.: Caterpillar believes that diversity strengthens the company and leads to stronger team performance. By respecting and celebrating diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives, they enhance collaboration and deliver greater value to customers.
  • 3M: Committed to amplifying diversity, 3M focuses on encouraging STEM education. Their programs, such as the 3M Manufacturing and Academic Partnerships, aim to engage communities in STEM and develop a more diverse and innovative workforce.

Integration of diversity for sustainable development

  • Toyota: Integrating firm ESG standards and aligning with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, Toyota emphasises diversity and inclusion. Recognised for its diversity efforts, they believe that diversity unlocks innovation and creates limitless possibilities for all.

Advancing diversity in healthcare

  • Johnson & Johnson: As a leading healthcare company, Johnson & Johnson recognises the value of diversity in addressing global challenges. Their STEM programs aimed at women reflect their commitment to diversity and the benefits it brings to both the business and diverse patient populations.

Embracing equality and inclusion

  • Procter & Gamble (P&G): P&G actively embraces equality and inclusion to meet the diverse needs of its global consumers. Through initiatives like the 'We See Equal' Summit, they foster open and honest conversations about advancing equality and inclusion.

The top 10 diverse manufacturing companies, according to Manufacturing Digital, share a commitment to diversity and inclusion, driving innovation and success. By promoting gender diversity, recognizing excellence in DE&I efforts, embracing inclusive leadership, celebrating diverse backgrounds, and integrating diversity for sustainable development, these companies create inclusive cultures that unlock growth and deliver value to their employees, communities, and society as a whole.

How we can help

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P&G, Toyota, Siemens, J&J, 3M, Caterpillar Inc., Ford, GM, PPG & Tetra Pak are our Top 10 most diverse manufacturing companies.

Diversity is a huge topic in the corporate world, but it has not always been easy to welcome in practice. Integrating employees who have different abilities can sometimes be met with frustration, by those who see being different as being ‘abnormal’. Workers with certain characteristics can find themselves as the punchline of watercooler-jokes. Some professionals choose to hide who they are to avoid this happening to them - or find a new job. 

Research from the London School of Economics shows that companies with LGBTQ-inclusive policies experience higher job satisfaction and greater productivity. Yet there are only four Fortune 500 Companies with openly LGBTQ+ CEOs, as explored in our Top 10 LGBT manufacturing leaders.”