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Land Registry Privatisation laid to rest - until next time

Tucked into the Autumn statement today is a footnote that the government has decided not to proceed with Land Registry Privatisation. So that's ok then. I wonder  how much was spent on the plans, consultants fees and the like? And what about all the expectations of those brought in to oversee it all? Are they happy to proceed in the pubic sector?

We should all be glad about this, but the sceptic in me wonders how long before it is thought of again? It would be better to lay it to rest with a stake through its heart, a silver bullet through its brain and bright sunlight at all times than risk an undead revival

In an unexpectedly firm announcement, the chancellor of the exchequer today laid to rest a long-running plan to transfer the Land Registry of England and Wales to the private sector. The autumn statement published today states: ‘Following consultation the government has decided that HM Land Registry should focus on becoming a more digital data-driven registration business, and to do this will remain in the public sector.’
Today’s statement followed the announcement of a contract to create a central register of local land charges data, to be managed by Land Registry. It said that: ‘Modernisation will maximise the value of HM Land Registry to the economy, and should be completed without a need for significant exchequer investment.’”