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Here come the (planning) consultations....

DCLG is currently consulting on the details of two of the main planks of the new Neighbourhood Planning Bill. 

The outcome of the consultation on Compulsory Purchase, which took place in the Spring, has also been published and can be found here: Further reform of the compulsory purchase system.

A consultation on measures in the Neighbourhood Planning Bill to address the inappropriate use of pre-commencement planning conditions, and to prohibit the use of other types of planning conditions which do not meet the tests in the National Planning Policy Framework.

Unnecessary and unreasonable planning conditions can prevent development from starting until the local planning authority has approved certain details. To help address the urgent need to tackle the inappropriate use of ‘pre-commencement’ conditions, government is introducing a power in the Neighbourhood Planning Bill to ensure that these conditions can only be used with the agreement of the applicant.

The measure will not change the way conditions can be used to maintain existing protections for important matters such as heritage, the natural environment, green spaces, and the mitigation of flooding.”