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Academy to save millions by installing solar panels

Wellacre Academy in Greater Manchester has announced completion of a 430kw solar installation. It is expected this will save the school around £2.1 million over the 25 year length of the scheme.

The reports suggest the school's electricity bills are set to fall to less than £34,000 a year as a result of adopting  the solar technology- saving £2,168,307 on electricity bills.  The school reportedly receives "first call" on any electricity that is generated, allowing it to make significant financial savings. 

The deal was bought about by Green Energy International after matching the school with Eden Sustainable, who acted as the investor. 

It will be interesting to see whether any other Academys follow suit!

A school in Greater Manchester is set to save more than £2 million from its energy costs over the next 25 years following the installation of a new solar array and the start of a power purchase agreement (PPA) with Eden Sustainable”