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Hope yet for lawyers?

The potential of IT tools to cut lawyers out of the equation (along with all other professionals if you believe some pundits, let alone sci-fi writers!) is a threat that has been hanging around for some time now, and there are certainly lots of areas now where IT does the work. So, some comfort or encouragement for all those slogging their way through Law School, or just struggling to get on the ladder, let alone move up it, from Casey Flaherty in Linkedin Pulse  today.

Flaherty – unlike, for example, Richard Susskind – is not pessimistic about the future for lawyers, quite the opposite. He believes that technology will not drive lawyers out of their role of trusted adviser. 'I think that technology can elevate lawyers' work to a higher level. I also think that younger lawyers will be relieved of the simple, brain-dead work. If you look at it this way, technology is a necessary precondition for allowing lawyers to be lawyers.'”