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Luke O'Dowd

Meet Luke

Luke was 12 when he suffered sudden loss of sight at school and was rushed to hospital. Luke was diagnosed with gastroenteritis, but it was later found he had a brain tumour and needed surgery.

The surgery reduced the tumour but Luke was left almost completely blind and also suffered growth problems. Luke’s family asked our medical negligence lawyers to find out if more could’ve been done to help him.

New Challenges

At school Luke needed to use a laptop and audio-visual aids to help him read and cope in his lessons. Despite new challenges, Luke wanted to move forward and carry on with activities he enjoyed before his surgery. Most of all, he wanted to swim again.

“Luke has faced a very difficult couple of years but has shown incredible determination and self-belief to not let what [happened] stop him from swimming. He is a hugely talented young sportsman and we are sure he is destined for major success in the future.” – Rebecca Brown, medical negligence solicitor

A Top Talent

Two months after surgery Luke was back in the pool training with the Tornadoes of South Dorset Swimming Club. After a few months he was competing as a para-swimmer in the visually impaired classification 13 category. He also won gold medals in the 50 and 100m freestyle at the Junior Para National Competition in Southampton.

Swimming gives Luke a real confidence boost. It allows him to express himself and regain some independence after losing his sight. Luke is committed to achieving his dream to compete for Great Britain in the Paralympic Games. We’re excited to see what the future holds and we’re sure he’ll achieve his dream and more.

“Getting back to swimming made a huge difference to me after what I went through. I love being in the water and it has helped me realise that my loss of vision should not hold me back from anything.” - Luke

Don't Quit, Do It

Twelve million people in the UK have a disability but only one in six takes part in sport regularly. We want this to change.

Our work with people who have suffered life-changing injuries means we recognise the many benefits that physical activity and sport can have. Don’t Quit, Do It showcases how sport helps people recover from serious injuries and other major traumas in their lives.

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