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Considering taking legal action against an individual or authority can feel very daunting and some people could feel very intimidated about talking to solicitors about their experiences and getting the proper advice they are entitled to. One of our clients who has recently settled their claim against a local authority certainly felt that way at the beginning of her legal case before she spoke to us.

Christina had been sexually abused by a teaching assistant at her school in Wales. Many years later after having gone through a long police investigation and criminal trial she decided to contact us about the possibility of claiming damages against the authority responsible for the school. Christina had suffered very serious consequences as a result of the abuse she suffered at school including a psychiatric injury and difficulties in her work and personal life. At the beginning of her civil case Christina was very anxious about the process and on several occasions considered giving the case up.

Luke Daniels in our Birmingham team has now successfully concluded Christina’s case and she has been awarded damages to compensate her for her experiences as a child and their consequences in her adult life. Christina was keen to share her thoughts on her legal experience with other individuals who may be in the same position.

“Before speaking to Luke I was worried that I wouldn’t get anywhere with a case like this. I found that speaking to Luke and his team not only helped my case but also helped me get things off my chest that I had needed to do for a long time. It was much easier than I thought.

When I met Luke and our barrister I was very relieved as it felt like someone was finally taking my side and taking my seriously. Now that the claim is over I feel really pleased that I went through with it as I feel it has helped me keep my pride and it was worth going through all of the hard times with the investigations although no amount of money would ever have made me feel better about my childhood."

Luke Daniels – Associate Solicitor, Birmingham