Recruitment Agencies

No one’s tied to their desks at Irwin Mitchell. Needing to be the last one in the office just isn’t part of the culture here.

Anastasija Kozlova, Solicitor

Working with our trusted Recruitment Partners is important to us. That’s why we have a preferred supplier list (PSL) in place. We review this annually. The Recruitment team manages all vacancies and all communication regarding candidates or vacancies must go via them.

Applications submitted by agencies that are not on our PSL will not be accepted. If you wish to be considered for our PSL then please contact us.

Submission of Candidates

All candidate applications must be submitted directly via the applicant tracking system (ATS) portal. CVs should not be emailed directly to line managers/partners within the firm. CVs not received via the ATS portal will not be considered as a formal introduction to the firm and we will not pay a fee in this scenario.

Any duplicate candidates that have been submitted via the portal will be highlighted to you. If an offer is made to a candidate, the fee payable will be owed to the agency who submitted the candidate first. The candidate has the final say on who they wish to be represented by.

You must have gained consent from the candidate prior to submitting an application on their behalf. Before a submission, it is imperative that you have spoken to the candidate fully about the role and the firm. We expect our recruitment partners to have met with/interviewed all submitted candidates face (or where impractical due to location or time zone, at least had an in depth telephone conversation) prior to their submission.

Please verify the candidates’ ‘Right to Work’ in the UK before submitting their application.

Direct Sourcing

We have an excellent internal recruitment team, with a strong emphasis on sourcing candidates directly. Should a candidate apply to us directly who has been introduced by you within the six months preceding their application then we will honour your introduction. Beyond six months no fee will be paid. Please note that candidate ownership is vacancy specific.


Agencies are required to channel all communications relating to prospective candidates and vacancies at Irwin Mitchell directly through the Recruitment team.

We request that agencies only send candidate introductions in relation to advertised vacancies. Please do not ‘cold call’ Irwin Mitchell or send generic emails that do not contain a reference for a specific vacancy.

Feedback is only provided to candidates who have reached first interview stage and beyond, and only when this is requested. We will not provide feedback for initial CV application.

Equal Opportunities and Data Protection

Agencies will commit to complying with the provisions of the Act in their handling of candidate details on behalf of Irwin Mitchell.

Irwin Mitchell requires all agencies to comply with Equal Opportunities legislation in advertising and / or discussing their vacancies.

Irwin Mitchell may store and process candidate details supplied by Recruitment Agencies in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. Irwin Mitchell will treat introductions in the strictest confidence and will not pass information to third parties without the permission of the agency or the candidate.

Fee Arrangements

Irwin Mitchell and the agency must have agreed terms in place prior to any CVs being sent.

Invoices for all successfully offered candidates will only be accepted when sent to the Recruitment Team. Invoices for Temporary colleagues should be directed to the Recruiting Line Manager who is managing the Temporary colleague.

Irwin Mitchell will settle invoices from agencies within 30 days of the Recruitment team receiving an invoice. The invoice shall be received no earlier than the candidate’s first day of employment with us.

Colleague Checks

Under these terms Irwin Mitchell accepts responsibility for pursuing references and reasonable pre-employment checks.