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Recruitment Agencies

Irwin Mitchell expects all recruitment agencies to adhere to the following protocol.

Applications made by agencies outside of the protocol will not be accepted.

1. Instruction

Agencies may be contacted directly by the HR department for assistance in recruiting for particular vacancies. If this occurs, agencies will be notified by email or a telephone call and the communication will include standard vacancy information.

2. Authorisation and Notification

> Agencies

Where additional information is needed by the agency, they will contact HR in the first instance who may then facilitate discussion with the relevant Recruiting Manager.

> Irwin Mitchell

Irwin Mitchell will only formally notify agencies of vacancies with budgetary agreement.

3. Submission of Candidates

> Agencies

All candidate applications must be submitted directly to the Recruitment Team and not to line managers/supervisors within the firm. CVs not received by HR will not be considered as formal introductions to the firm.

Agencies must identify which vacancy and which location they are submitting a candidate for by using the relevant vacancy reference. If the same candidate is subsequently submitted for a different vacancy this will constitute a new introduction.

Agencies must not submit the CV of any candidate without their consent and should brief candidates fully on the vacancy prior to submitting the CV.

Agencies should ideally interview candidates face to face or at least comprehensively over the telephone before submitting their CV. They should endeavour to ensure that each candidate is a close match with the requirements outlined in the job specification.

Agencies must not submit the CV of any candidate without first verifying the candidate’s legal right to work in the UK. 

> Irwin Mitchell

Where Irwin Mitchell receives a direct application from a candidate, they will consider this in preference to any submission of the same candidate subsequently made by an agency for the same vacancy.

When Irwin Mitchell receives the CV of the same candidate from more than one agency, they will accept the CV via the agency that sent the CV first, provided that they sent it with the candidate’s permission and that they sent it to HR.  This will be the case unless the candidate expresses in writing that they wish for the latter agency to represent them. 

If it is not identifiable which agency first introduced the candidate it will be the candidate’s choice who they wish to represent them.

In the event of a continuing dispute Irwin Mitchell will expect the agencies concerned to resolve the issue between them.

4. Communication

> Agencies

Agencies are required to channel all communications relating to vacancies at Irwin Mitchell and prospective candidates directly through the Recruitment team.

Irwin Mitchell requests that agencies only send information in relation to advertised vacancies. Irwin Mitchell asks that agencies do not ‘cold call’ Irwin Mitchell or send generic emails that do not contain a reference for a specific vacancy.

> Irwin Mitchell

Irwin Mitchell will provide feedback to agencies only to those who have reached first interview stage and where requested.

5. Equal Opportunities and Data Protection

> Agencies

Agencies will commit to complying with the provisions of the act in their handling of candidate details on behalf of Irwin Mitchell.

> Irwin Mitchell

Irwin Mitchell require all agencies to comply with Equal Opportunities legislation in advertising and / or discussing their vacancies.

Irwin Mitchell may store and process candidate details supplied by Recruitment Agencies in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. Irwin Mitchell will treat introductions in strict confidence and will not pass information to third parties without the permission of the agency or the candidate.

6. Fee Arrangements

> Agencies

Agencies must provide written confirmation of their terms and conditions including fees to Irwin Mitchell prior to the submission of any suitable candidates. They will notify Irwin Mitchell in writing of any changes to their terms of business giving a minimum of four weeks notice. Any live vacancies will be subject to the existing terms and conditions. Any vacancies that arise after the notification of the change will be subject to the changed terms and conditions unless they are successfully recruited within the four weeks notice period.

Invoices for all except Temps will only be accepted when sent to the Recruitment Team. Temp invoices should be directed to the Recruiting Line Manager where the Temp has been placed.

> Irwin Mitchell

Irwin Mitchell will settle invoices from agencies within 21 days of the HR department receiving an invoice, following the point where the candidate joins the firm.

7. Staff Vetting

Under these terms Irwin Mitchell accepts responsibility for pursuing references and reasonable pre-employment checks.

8. Conflict

If there is any conflict between these protocol terms and the terms and conditions of an agency these protocol terms will prevail.

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