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Scott Halliday



I am a Solicitor and work exclusively on family law issues such as private children law disputes, divorce and finances. I have advised clients from across the UK and internationally on these issues. My advice is always specific to the context, tactical and grounded in reality.

One focus is advising clients on the financial consequences of relationship breakdown. This is usually for people who are getting divorced. However, I am increasingly also advising people seeking to enter into wealth protection mechanism such as pre- and post-nuptial agreements and co-habiting couples on co-habitation agreements. I work closely with Teresa Davidson on high value complex financial matters.

I also advise clients on domestic and international children law disputes. This usually involves future child arrangements after parents have separated arrangements for special occasions like Christmas and family holidays - as well as re-location.

I hold a Masters of Law LL.M in International Human Rights Law and Practice which is invaluable when advising clients on international children law issues, such as re-location of children and child abduction matters under the Hague Convention.

What inspired you to get into law?

I thrive under pressure and wanted a career that really challenged me to be my best. I wanted to make a positive change for people and influence the direction of the law.

What is the most rewarding aspect of your role?

Being a family lawyer is a privilege. I am advising and advocating for my clients on a daily basis. Anyone practising family law must appreciate that clients seeking advice are often at one of the most pivotal moment in their life.

The reward for me is being the person trusted to advise a client and then to make an action plan and achieve the right outcome.

What do you do away from the office?

On a serious note, I continue to be engaged in academic legal issues. I have been invited to give public lectures on human rights law and family issues.

On a lighter note, I enjoy good wine and friends at the weekend. I am increasingly a keen gym goer and enjoy playing golf in the summer.

What clients say about me:

"Scott goes to the next level when it comes to giving a service to his clients. Scott’s positive attitude and genuine caring nature have really helped me out. There were difficult times when he needed to tell me things straight that I didn’t necessarily want to hear but this was always done in a highly professional way. His knowledge of family law is more befitting of someone who has been in the industry for over 20 years and I would highly recommend his services for anybody wanting to achieve the best possible outcome for themselves in a divorce, especially where there are children involved."

"Teresa Davidson and Scott Halliday were amazing throughout my case. They answered every question I threw at them and managed to put my mind at ease during what was a very difficult period for my partner and I. They were open and honest during the whole process and gave me realistic views on my options, timescales and outcomes. They were personable and never made me feel as though it was just another case they were working on."

Professional Recommendations

"Scott is a pleasure to work with and an excellent family lawyer. He possesses an essential and effective toolkit, combining brilliant client care, diligence and commitment to a case with realistic and practical advice. He goes above and beyond in the work that he does and I would not hesitate to recommend him."
Julia F Townend, Barrister at 4 Papers Buildings, Temple, London

"Scott is a real star of the future. It is a pleasure to work with him as he is insightful and mature beyond his years and always provides very sensible and realistic advice to clients. Scott’s hard working and efficient nature ensures that total trust can be placed in him to get the job done and to go the extra mile in doing so in order to ensure a first-class service. He is charming, extremely well prepared, knowledgeable, and has a keen eye for detail. Scott has a real natural flair for family work and he evidently really cares about his clients and ensuring that he gets them the best possible result."
Julia Nelson, Barrister at Park Lane Plowden Chambers, Leeds and Newcastle

"Scott is an expert in international children’s cases, especially child abduction. I have worked with him on a number of international cases this year. He is intelligent, great with clients and really understands the strategic points."
Michael Edwards, Barrister at 4 Paper Buildings, Temple, London

Read My Comments On The Latest News

  • 27/06/2018
    Heterosexual Couple Wins Legal Challenge To Civil Partnerships In Supreme Court

    “With this judgment the Supreme Court has recognised that every couple deserves equality. A lack of provision in the Civil Partnership Act 2004 for heterosexual couples to enter into a civil partnership has now been deemed unlawful and in breach of human rights law. The Supreme Court has acknowledged that the Civil Partnership Act needs to be reformed as the current law is in contravention of Article 14 of the European Convention, discrimination, when read in conjunction with the right to privacy and a family life, Article 8. The Secretary of State has said consistently that they need to monitor and evaluate the future uptake of civil partnerships by same-sex couples now that there is same-sex marriage, and has taken a ‘wait and see’ approach. The UK Supreme Court has confirmed today that same approach is in contravention of our human rights law. In the judgment the court is clear that the government created this discriminatory difference in treatment and now seeks further time to monitor and evaluate what to do next. The court was clear that the government’s position is not legitimate and the court cannot allow the government a further period of time and to endorse a toleration of discrimination. The declaration of incompatibility will now go back to government to consider. The impact of the declaration is that section 1 and 3 of the Civil Partnership Act is now said to be unlawful and in need of reform. We sincerely hope this result puts further pressure on the secretary of state to reform the law and introduce heterosexual civil partnerships, so that both same-sex and opposite-sex couples feel included in every aspect of family life.”

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