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Juliet Spender



I have developed expertise over a number of years working on behalf of clients in cases against public authorities. I am a solicitor specialising in civil liberties. I joined the Public Law and Human Rights team in Irwin Mitchell’s London office in August 2017.

I am a member of the coordinating committee of StopWatch, a charity which was set up to address the disproportionate and discriminatory use of stop and search powers by police. I am also part of a network of lawyers from across Europe and the USA sharing knowledge and expertise on how to address ethnic profiling. The network is run by the Open Society Justice Initiative.

I advise and represent clients on a broad range of issues including:

  • Inquests:
    I can represent family members at inquests and have predominantly worked on inquests following deaths in state detention or after contact with public authorities.
  • False imprisonment, malicious prosecution, and assault:
    I act for clients who have been wrongfully detained, prosecuted, or assaulted by the police, prison, or immigration authorities. I have settled a large number of claims, securing clients significant financial compensation for their losses and apologies.
  • Discrimination on grounds of race, gender, or other characteristics:
    My previous cases include advising transgender clients on discrimination by police, and assisting clients with physical disabilities to secure suitable adaptations, courses, or work placements within the prison system.
  • Human Rights Act and Data Protection Act issues:
    I can assist with a broad range of human rights issues and have particular expertise in privacy cases against the police arising out of the retention or disclosure of personal data. I have also brought claims for degrading treatment following unlawful use of force.
  • Immigration detention:
    I act for clients who have been unlawfully detained by the immigration authorities due to breaches of Home Office policy.
  • Unlawful stops and searches:
    I can advise on whether a traffic stop, stop and search, or strip search is unlawful.
  • Police complaints:
    I can assist with making a police complaint, or with pursuing an appeal if a complaint is not upheld.
  • Judicial review:
    I assist clients with challenging decisions made by public authorities. I have particular expertise in challenging decisions by the CPS, prison and probation services, and the police.
  • Trespass to land/goods by police:
    I can help with challenging police searches of business premises or homes, with a view to obtaining an apology, preventing further interference and securing financial compensation.
  • Adverse criminal records:
    My previous work has led to the successful removal of police cautions, arrest records, and other information held by the police. I can advise on criminal record certificates ("CRB checks" or "DBS checks").