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Family Of Maintenance Man Get Large Settlement After Asbestos Exposure Led To His Death

Our asbestos related disease lawyers helped the family of a former maintenance man secure a substantial settlement from his employers after he died from mesothelioma.

Mr F was in his late 40s when he was employed by the firm Haywood and Wooster. While working for them, he did an apprenticeship in building, plumbing and heating.

Mr F’s duties included working at different locations in and around Bath and Somerset. He had to strip asbestos lagging from boilers and pipes and mix powdered asbestos in large metal drums.

The messy work caused Mr F to inhale asbestos fibres on a daily basis without any protective gear or clothing.

Years later, Mr F was diagnosed with mesothelioma. This was devastating news for him and his family. A specialist lung cancer nurse treating Mr F recommended Irwin Mitchell to help make a claim against his former employers.

Mr F’s son contacted us for his father. Our asbestos solicitors had already brought many successful claims against the firm Haywood and Wooster so we were confident we could help.

Sadly, Mr F died soon after his son contacted us but his family chose to continue with the claim on behalf of his Estate.

Isabelle Selley, a senior associate in Bristol, led the team to gather evidence to prove Mr F’s asbestos exposure caused his mesothelioma.

We made a claim against Haywood and Wooster and negotiated a substantial sum before the claim went to court. Although the sum will never replace the loss that Mr F’s family suffered, it will help them cope financially now he’s gone.

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