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Homeless Father & Son Get New Accommodation After Benefit Cuts Force Them Onto The Street

Our Public Law and Human Rights solicitors have helped a father and son find new accommodation after cuts to their benefits left them homeless. Thanks to our intervention, the council took immediate action to find them a safe place to stay.

Martin and his son Graham* had been living together in a rented house for over a year. Both have significant health problems, and Martin is the sole carer for Graham, who suffers with mobility issues following a serious car accident. Martin himself is in his 60s and has diabetes and high blood pressure.

When one of Graham’s benefits was suddenly stopped they couldn’t pay their rent anymore and had to move out. With nowhere else to go, they became homeless.

They slept in a warehouse building on a mattress they’d found on the street, and used the toilets and showers in homeless shelters when they could.

Because of their living situation, Martin was unable to store and administer his diabetes medication. Without it he was at risk of falling seriously ill.

The Dispute

Martin and Graham sought help at a local charity, which asked the council’s Social Care Department to assess the men’s needs urgently. The council failed to do this and the charity put Graham and Martin in touch with us.

How We Helped

This was an urgent case as Graham and Martin couldn’t get the healthcare they needed while living on the streets.

Our solicitors wrote to the council reminding them of their duty to promote wellbeing. This is known as the ‘wellbeing principle’ under the Care Act 2014. It asks the local authority to take into consideration an individual’s dignity, their physical and mental well-being, and their independence in day-to-day life, when making decisions about their care and support.

The next day, Graham and Martin were given temporary accommodation. 7 months later, they live in a shared house and Martin is working part-time. They hope to be able to rent their own house again soon. Graham said “We are happy. Thank you so much for the help.”

If you or someone you know has care needs and the required level of support is not being provided, our Public Law & Human Rights solicitors may be able to help you too. See our Community Care Solicitors page for more information.

*Names have been changed.

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