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Settlement For Youth Club Leader Injured Whilst Working For The MoD

Our specialist Military Injury lawyers have secured £60,000 in compensation for a woman injured while working for the MoD as a youth club leader.

One the day of the accident, our client Anna* was looking after 22 children. The group was split in two, with half of the children doing archery and the others doing rock climbing. Anna was supervising on the rock climbing activity, where the children were using ropes as a safety measure.

After climbing to the top of the rock, some of the kids would climb back down by themselves, but more commonly they would ‘free fall’ using the ropes. Anna was holding the ropes, and would carry the weight of the children to stop them from hitting the ground. During the activity, her left arm was in the air, and remained like that for the best part of five hours.

The next day, Anna was unable to move her left shoulder. She self-medicated, but soon found that her neck had also begun to stiffen and she couldn’t move it. Her right hip and shoulder also became immobile as a result of the muscles trying to overcompensate for her shoulder.

Due to her injuries, Anna needs daily care and help with everyday tasks, like walking her dog and domestic cleaning. Her mental health has also been affected by what happened.

The settlement we secured for Anna gives her access to private treatment, therapies and equipment which all help her to live as independently as possible.

If you or a loved one has been injured while working for the Armed Forces, you may be able to claim compensation. Visit our Military Injury Claims page to see how we could help you.

*Name has been changed.

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