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Client With Alzheimers Moved To Specialist Placement After Care Dispute

Our solicitors have helped move a man with Alzheimer’s to a specialist care placement.

Mr R, 89, was living in a residential care home and was frequently verbally and physically aggressive to other residents. Staff at the home felt unable to facilitate contact between Mr R and his family, and took to leaving him alone to calm down when he became aggressive. We visited Mr R and it became apparent that he objected to staying in the care home, and that the placement was unable to meet his needs.

At the end of April 2018, court proceedings were issued to find Mr R more suitable care. The solicitor dealing with the case visited Mr R and a litigation friend was appointed.

During proceedings the court ordered the local authority to provide evidence outlining the alternative residence options that were available to Mr R. The local authority suggested two specialist behavioural placements for Mr R, but were only willing to commission a move to one of them. Mr R’s family were not supportive of this option as they did not consider it to be in Mr R’s best interests. Instead, they supported a move to the placement that the local authority was not willing to commission.

Our solicitor said there was not enough evidence to confirm that a move to the placement supported by the local authority would be in Mr R’s best interests. After looking into this placement again, the local authority agreed with our solicitor. All parties, including Mr R’s family, felt the move to the other residence would be in Mr R’s best interests.

Mr R successfully moved to the placement in October 2018. Since then, we’ve had the opportunity to visit Mr R in his new home and he is settling in well. Contact with his family has also been able to resume.

Mr R’s family said they were “grateful” for our involvement and for ensuring that the best outcome was secured for Mr R. They reported that “the family can now feel happy that Mr R will be cared for in an environment that will suit him and is not too far away from his wife so she can regularly visit”. The Relevant Person’s Representative who was appointed for Mr R also said that the result was an “excellent outcome”.

If you or someone you know is in a dispute over care arrangements, our team specialising in health and social care may be able to help.

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