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Former Foundry Worker Receives Settlement For Occupational Asthma

Our workplace illness solicitors have helped a former foundry worker claim compensation for the asthma he developed after exposure to dangerous fumes at work.

Mr Mannion worked as a foundry operative and crane driver. His role involved operating a crane which carried casts and ladles of molten metal.

Working within a few feet of the metal, he was regularly exposed to various resins and fumes. However, Mr. Mannion’s employers failed to protect him from the dangers - there was no adequate extraction or ventilation system where he worked.

Mr. Mannion developed asthma and felt that his working conditions were to blame. He got in touch with our occupational asthma solicitors to see if we could help.

Mr Mannion was very active before developing asthma and he has lost a lot of confidence as a result of the condition. He can no longer work and it’s also impacted his family life and hobbies.

He used to go on caravan holidays with his wife and grandchildren, and play football with his grandson while they were away. He also used to swim regularly and enjoy going for walks in Derbyshire with his family. He now gets too breathless to enjoy these activities and is limited to short, flat walks by the river.

We contacted Mr Mannion’s employers and they denied that the safety failures had caused his respiratory illness. We progressed with the claim and a court date was set for February 2019. Two dates before the claim went to court, however, the employers agreed to pay Mr. Mannion a £150,000 settlement.

Chelsea Towner, from Irwin Mitchell Solicitors, comments: “In South Yorkshire, there are a number of employers using similar processes in the course of their business and it is important that others are aware of cases like Mr Mannion’s and that adequate safety protection is provided.

As Mr Mannion is now unable to work, he has had to draw out part of his pension early in order to make things easier for him and his family. It is hoped that the damages awarded will compensate him financially for being dismissed early and will enable him to live as comfortably as he can with the respiratory condition he has developed”.

If you’ve developed a respiratory condition and think your working conditions may be to blame, contact our Occupational Asthma Solicitors today to find out if we can help.

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