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Bristol Asbestos Team Help Widow Claim Six-Figure Settlement for Husband Who Died Of Mesothelioma

Our asbestos solicitors helped a widow claim compensation for her late husband who died from mesothelioma.

Mr C worked for a company called Courtlaulds (now Akzo Nobel UK Limited) for most of his life. Courtlaulds was a major textiles manufacturing company before it was bought by Akzo Nobel. Mr C worked in one of their factories in North Wales.

During his time in the factory, Mr C worked with laggers (workers that fit asbestos insulation around pipes). He also sat near lagged piping during his lunch breaks which exposed him to asbestos almost every day.

Shortly before he turned 65, Mr C was diagnosed with mesothelioma. He was still working full time and planned to continue to work for the foreseeable future but his health quickly got worse.

The Dispute

Mr C and his wife contacted our asbestos solicitors to see if we could help them make a claim against Akzo Nobel. Our team, led by Isabelle Selley, agreed to help claim compensation for Mr C.

Sadly, Mr C died shortly after we started the claim. We continued with the claim on behalf of his widow who needed financial support now her husband’s income was gone.

How We Helped

We gathered evidence and witness statements from former employees that worked with Mr C. Unfortunately, Akzo Nobel wouldn’t admit they were responsible and the claim was set to go to the High Court.

Shortly before the court date, our solicitors negotiated a six figure settlement, avoiding court altogether. Mr C’s widow was delighted to not have to go to court. The pay-out would also help ease her financial worries since her husband died.

“We’re extremely glad we negotiated a settlement that meant we could avoid a court hearing. This has been a devastating time for our client and the compensation she received is a huge help to her. Asbestos-related diseases are horrific so we work hard to get the justice our clients and their families deserve.” – Isabelle Selley, solicitor

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