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Compensation For Man After Unnecessary Prostate Surgery

Our surgical negligence lawyers secured £90,000 for a man who had his prostate removed unnecessarily after he wasn’t told about all his options for treatment. The surgery caused considerable damage and left him with a number of longterm injuries. 

Our client, H, was having treatment for prostate cancer in 2014. He chose to have a radical prostatectomy, a serious procedure which involves removing the prostate gland completely. There are a number of possible side effects from having this procedure, including incontinence and erectile dysfunction. 

At the time H wasn’t advised of the full range of options available to him, including active surveillance. This is a less extreme form of treatment where the prostate is monitored over time. If our client had known this was an option for him, he wouldn’t have chosen to have the radical prostatectomy. 

The surgery left him with multiple longterm injuries, both physical and psychological. His bowel was also damaged during the operation. He subsequently suffered from erectile dysfunction and incontinence, as well as having to go to the toilet more and having less warning when he did so. 

H went through a prolonged period of pain and suffering, which made his recovery even harder, and suffered a considerable amount of psychological damage. 

When we took on H’s case, we obtained expert opinion from specialists including a consultant urological surgeon, consultant radiotherapist, and consultant psychiatrist. They gave evidence that if our client had been told about all of his options prior to surgery, he wouldn’t have had to undergo the radical prostatectomy. 

The NHS Trust denied all responsibility, but we were able to settle the case out of court and secure £90,000 for H. This will help him with his continued recovery and reflects the pain and damage caused by an operation he didn’t need to have. 

If you or a loved one has been affected by unnecessary surgery or poor medical advice, our medical negligence lawyers may be able to help you make a compensation claim. See our surgical negligence page for more information.

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