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Ipswich Mum Receives Six-Figure Compensation After Cancer Misdiagnosis

Our medical negligence solicitors have helped an Ipswich mum claim a six-figure compensation sum after doctors failed to diagnose her cervical cancer.

Tayne Eaton started bleeding between her periods and suffering abdominal pain in the summer of 2013. She visited her GP surgery several times over the following months and her symptoms got worse after she gave birth to her son, Reggie-Lee, in September 2014.

It wasn’t until Tayne suffered significant blood loss and took herself to hospital in March 2015 that she was finally diagnosed with cervical cancer. It was 17 months after she first developed symptoms and doctors found a 9cm tumour.

Doctors treated Tayne with chemotherapy, a hysterectomy and several other procedures to prevent the cancer spreading.

After her diagnosis, Tayne got in touch with our cancer claims team and asked us to look into the quality of care she had received from her GPs.

Tayne was 3 years younger than the standard age for cervical cancer smear testing when her symptoms started. Nonetheless, we consulted independent medical experts who confirmed that Tayne’s GPs should have still carried out a physical examination and referred her to a gynaecologist.

Tragically, they also found that an earlier referral might have spared Tayne the invasive treatments that have left her unable to have any more children.

Our lawyers were able to negotiate a six-figure sum to compensate Tayne for her suffering and provide for any future medical costs she may endure.

“Experts have confirmed the care that Tayne received fell way below expected standards,” said Guy Forster, a medical negligence specialist who represented Tayne during her claim. “For doctors to not consider the possibility that she may have cervical cancer with the symptoms she was reporting was unacceptable because the signs were clear.”

“While nothing can make up for the poor level of care Tayne received and the anger and upset her family have had to go through since her diagnosis, we are pleased that Tayne can now put her legal case behind her, continue her recovery and plan for the future with her family.”

Despite her illness, Tayne and her husband, Lee, have been determined to continue with their lives and make the best of things for their son. The couple got married in October 2015 while Tayne was still undergoing treatment.

“While I still feel anger at the level of care I received I also have to remind myself the outcome could have been worse,” she said. “For some women, delays in their diagnosis could put their life at risk, not just be life-changing.”

“Any symptoms of the disease should not be dismissed. It is vital that women know the symptoms they need to look out for and take medical advice straight away. Doctors also need to ensure that they conduct thorough consultations and take patients’ concerns seriously.”

If you have been affected by a late or incorrect cervical cancer diagnosis, our medical negligence lawyers may be able to help you make a compensation claims. See our Cervical Cancer Claims page for more information.

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