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Former Car Paint Sprayer With Occupational Asthma Receives Compensation

Our Industrial Illness team have secured a settlement for a client who developed asthma after being exposed to harmful substances at work.

Allan Parkes’ job involved spraying cars with coats of paint and primer. When he began to show symptoms of asthma, he asked our Industrial Illness team to look into his case.

We found that the paints and primers Allan was using contained isocyanates, a substance which caused his airway to become sensitive when inhaled. Exposure to this chemical is one of the most common causes of occupational asthma.

Under the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Regulations, the use of isocyanates is subject to tight controls. These require employers to prevent or limit exposure to their employees.

We argued that Allan’s employer had not done enough to protect him from the effects of isocyanates.

Our team negotiated an out-of-court settlement of £45,000 with Allan’s employer. This did not include an admission of liability.

This settlement will help to give Allan financial security, now that his employment options are limited. He can no longer work in the automotive industry as a result of his illness, meaning his decades of experience are of little use to him.

David Johnston-Keay, a member of our Industrial Illness team, and the solicitor who represented Allan, said;

“The COSHH Regulations set out what it is that an employer must do to safeguard their employees’ health. They require an employer to assess the risks and to take reasonable steps to protect their employees from exposure. Those requirements are there for a reason. The effects of exposure to substances like isocyanates can have a devastating effect on the health of anyone who uses them.”

“The settlement is welcome, but no amount of compensation can cure asthma. Mr Parkes’ disease was entirely avoidable and he has lost his health and his employment through no fault of his own.”

If you’ve contracted an illness due to conditions at work, our Personal Injury Solicitors could help you claim compensation. Visit our Industrial Disease Compensation Claims page for more information.

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