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Settlement For Wife Of Former Labourer Diagnosed With Mesothelioma

The asbestos-related disease team at Irwin Mitchell secured £80,000 in compensation for Mrs M, who was diagnosed with mesothelioma, the asbestos-related cancer.

Despite not being exposed to asbestos during her own working career, Mrs M knew that her husband had been as he had been diagnosed with an asbestos related disease a few years earlier.

Her husband, Mr M, worked as a labourer for Imperial Chemical Industries Ltd between 1966 and 1967, for Benson Bros (Bristol) Ltd between 1967 and 1969 and for the Central Electricity Generating Board between 1969 and 1972.

During this time his wife insisted he come in through the back door, so as not to trample dirt through the house. He would deposit his work clothes on the kitchen floor for his wife to wash, which she would after shaking them out on the back doorstep. While she did this she released and inhaled the asbestos dust and fibres that had inevitably settled on her husband’s work clothes during the course of his day.

Our asbestos-related disease specialists settled Mrs M’s case within 15 months of being instructed, without needing to issue court proceedings. The settlement came just in time as Mrs M’s children were struggling to provide the round-the-clock care that Mrs M needed as a result of her condition.

Laura Wilkinson, the asbestos-related disease specialist who handled the case, commented: “The compensation meant that Mr & Mrs M could enjoy some time together in respite care whilst offering their children peace of mind and a break from Mrs M’s care routine. Mr M’s own health problems meant that he sadly could not cope on his own and was, in fact, in need of care himself, which had once been provided by Mrs M”

Our expert asbestos solicitors will provide you with free initial advice on your compensation claim if you or a loved one has suffered due to an asbestos related illness. See our Asbestos-Related Disease Claims Guide for more information.

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