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Compensation Recovered For Man Left With Serious Injuries After Motorbike Accident

Our road traffic accident solicitors have negotiated a settlement for a motorcyclist to help fund the specialist care and rehabilitation he needs after a crash caused by a careless driver.

Mark Clarke, from Wandsworth, was riding his motorbike through Greater London in October 2014 when a car driver in front of him suddenly pulled out and began a U-turn. Mark braked but was unable to avoid the car in time. He crashed into the driver’s door and was catapulted into the road.

Mark was rushed to St. George’s Hospital, where he stayed for three days before being sent home to recuperate. The crash left him with a serious and extensive list of injuries: a fractured spine, herniated disc, two dislocated fingers, broken and bruised ribs, damage to this jaw and teeth, a puncture wound to his leg, injured wrists and traumatic injuries to his shoulders. Two years after the crash he was still suffering severe headaches, issues with concentration and fatigue, as well as memory loss.

The father-of-two was unable to return to work until the following February which not only cost him a lot of money in lost earnings, but also delayed the development and launch of his business’s new personal training software, Trainsmart. Mark is also a keen cyclist and had hoped to take part in the 2015 Cape Town Cycle Tour and Masters Cycling World Championships before the crash left him unable to compete.

Mark got in touch with our expert serious injury lawyers to see if we could help him secure compensation to cover the losses incurred by his business, and also to access the specialist treatment and rehabilitation he needed to make a full recovery.

We secured a settlement for Mark that he says has helped him get back on a relatively even keel both with my health and the financial state of my business.”

“Ultimately though,” he says, “I just hope that what happened to me can serve as a warning to drivers of the consequences of not paying attention to those around you on the roads.”

Peter Lorence, a Solicitor in the Serious Injury Claims team at Irwin Mitchell, managed Mark’s case.

“We see first-hand the devastating impact serious collisions, such as Mark’s, have on victims,” Peter said, “It is therefore imperative that drivers are aware of vulnerable road users around them and take precautions to ensure their driving behaviour does not put others at risk. “

“Mark suffered multiple serious injuries and almost two years on was still recovering; something that not only heavily impacted on his independence but his business too. “

“By securing the settlement, Mark has been able to offset some of his business losses, achieve compensation for his painful and debilitating injuries and fund the shoulder and dental treatment that he will need in the future.”

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, our road traffic accident lawyers may be able to help. See our Motorbike Accident Claims page or call us on 0800 056 4110 to find out more.

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