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The UK is expected to leave the EU later this year. There’s still a lot of uncertainty about how the UK will adapt, but there’s no doubt that businesses across the UK will face new challenges.

Our May 2019 UK Powerhouse report is the third of three focusing on Brexit. It looked at how regions across the UK will see different economic outcomes and what risks and opportunities lie ahead for businesses.

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Since the vote to leave the EU, our lawyers have been working hard to understand and anticipate how Brexit could affect your business. We can provide support and legal advice on key issues, including:

  • Trade
  • Data protection (including GDPR)
  • Immigration
  • Employment law
  • Competition law
  • Regulation of financial services
  • Intellectual property
  • Environment and climate change

As negotiations to withdraw from the EU are ongoing, it’s hard to predict exactly what’s going to happen. Key changes that remain unresolved but will undoubtedly affect you and your business include:

  • Loss of free, cross border trade – Customs regulations could be put in place on trade with the EU. This will increase costs for businesses, and the government has warned this could discourage trade and investment in the UK.
  • Food and agribusiness – Loss of the Common Agriculture Policy (CAP) and trade restrictions could affect production and revenue for businesses in this industry.
  • Financial services sector in London – Firms could move their headquarters to EU territories to benefit from market access and free trade between EU states.

Independence from the EU could have an effect on businesses of any size. We are aware from our discussions with our clients and contacts within the market that many of you are considering your strategic plans and how to move forward in an uncertain and undefined new world.

The impact for your business could be particularly significant in the case of a hard or no-deal Brexit - read more about how to prepare in our Five Point Action Plan.

If you need legal advice on anything Brexit-related, call our professional team of industry, economic and legal experts on 0808 271 2602 or contact us online so we can help you plan a way forward.

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Brexit and the Impact on British Industry

A loss of EU workers as a result of Brexit has the potential to greatly affect many British industries. Businesses may be forced into offering higher wages or other benefits in order to attract a workforce. Our latest UK Powerhouse report looks into these and other issues so you can prepare your business as the UK leaves the EU.

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