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As the largest provider of commoditised legal services, Irwin Mitchell has extensive experience of managing large volume/commoditised contracts on behalf of many household brand names from high street banks, global insurers and national utility companies to national and regional building societies and retailers.

With over 30 years experience, we are able to offer a wide range of web based and 24/7 legal helpline contact solutions through which you (or your customers) can access legal and associated  services.  In addition, we have dedicated teams of experts who can work alongside you to develop outsourcing solutions and process driven systems for volume contracts.

A Changing Market Place

The legal market is changing and Irwin Mitchell remains at the forefront of those changes.  We understand that customers demand quick and easy access to their legal provider coupled with clear and transparent pricing. We can and do provide this.

Through embracing and welcoming the changes that the Legal Services Act is bringing about, Irwin Mitchell has been able to remain at the forefront of legal services provision and has been actively looking at taking advantage of the changes to ensure that we can continue to improve and increase the services that we provide.

Why Irwin Mitchell?

  • Important Information
    Some useful information on our commoditised legal products and services.
  • Leadership
    Our commoditised services and products are managed by a recognised team of partners and business managers who have over 20 years experience of offering bespoke solutions for large businesses and institutions.
  • Our Approach
    Our approach is simple. We will always strive to work closely alongside your management team to help create a solution that fits perfectly with your business and delivers a cost effective and high value addition.
  • Our Belief
    We believe in working closely with our clients, in partnership, to gain a real understanding of your business and what is important to you.
  • Our Clients
    Irwin Mitchell is recognised as the largest supplier of commoditised legal services in the UK. Our clients operate in a number of different sectors.
  • Why Choose Us
    Reasons to choose Irwin Mitchell as your partner for commoditised legal services.

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