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Back in the early 1990s Irwin Mitchell realised that the insurance market was going through radical change, not least in the relationship between insurers, their customers and their legal suppliers. New products, such as Legal Expenses Insurance, were becoming popular and insurers needed legal services that were of high quality, easily accessible and customer focused.

Today the firm is widely recognised as the largest provider of volume legal services to the insurance industry.  We pride ourselves on our innovative approach to the provision of legal services to the sector and in providing high quality legal services to large books of business without compromise.

Our market leading position has been achieved, at least in part, through our approach to redefining working practices and establishing dedicated teams who work closely with insurers to meet their business objectives and satisfy their customer needs. These teams fully understand (and have practical experience and knowledge of) the insurance sector and have worked in partnership with leading high street insurance brands for many years.

In 2002, in response to market demands, the firm launched its own Legal Advice Help Line.  Today this help-line provides 24/7 access for customers of the firm’s insurance clients and deals with over 350 different schemes, answering over 100,000 calls per year. In addition, we handle commercial litigation and employment disputes for numerous high-street insurers.

We currently receive over 88,000 new motor referrals per annum from insurers/legal expense insurers to provide legal services to customers who have the benefit of a BTE/LEI policy.