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Irwin Mitchell – Delivering Legal Solutions That Add Value To Your Business

We have an outstanding track record of delivering bespoke solutions for our business partners that ensures that Irwin Mitchell is recognised as the leading legal provider of volume and commoditised legal services  in the UK.

Our approach is simple, we will always strive to:

  • Understand your business and your brand
  • Provide you and your customers with a service of the highest quality at a competitive price
  • Create a seamless service between your organisation and ourselves
  • Offer a service that you are confident to entrust your customers and your brand

Our philosophy is supported by our unrivalled understanding of the market and our experience in building scalable solutions. This means that that we are ideally placed to assist you in your volume and outsourcing requirements.

We are a firm with a strong and secure financial base and this allows to commit to building on our strengths and investing in new technologies, products and services. Thus ensuring that we provide a market leading and innovative service that delivers value for money.

Commoditised Services

  • Banks & Financial Institutions
    We have extensive experience of providing our range of commoditised legal services, outsourcing and legal processing solutions to the majority of UK high street banks and building societies.
  • Insurers
    We are widely recognised as the largest provider of volume legal services to the insurance industry.
  • Other Sectors
    We provide a wide range of commoditised legal services and products to a large number of businesses and organisations in a number of sectors.
  • Products & Services
    Irwin Mitchell is widely regarded as the largest provider of commoditised legal services in the UK with extensive experience of managing and delivering large volume contracts.
  • Why Irwin Mitchell?
    As the largest provider of commoditised legal services, Irwin Mitchell has extensive experience of managing large volume/commoditised contracts.

For more information on Commoditised Services

If you are interested in understanding how Irwin Mitchell can help you with your Commoditised Services work then please contact Steven Beahan (Partner) on +44 (0)114 294 7868, or send us an email.