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Technologies such as 3D printing, virtual reality and robotics are transforming UK businesses - and there are huge benefits for those who prepare well.

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Go Fourth: Insights Into The Next Industrial Revolution

Investment in Industry 4.0 technologies remains limited. Only 14% of manufacturers have invested in big data and/or cloud solutions while 12% invested in 3D printing technologies.
The survey results find that 3D printing and big data are among the terms with which manufacturers are most familiar. Google Trends data confirm that interest is especially high for these search terms compared to other Industry 4.0 concepts.
Employment on aggregate is not expected to change over the next four years, but it is anticipated that there will be fewer lower skilled jobs and more opportunities in IT and managerial roles.
Industry 4.0 is believed to result in productivity gains. Over one third of companies believe that Industry 4.0 technologies will have a positive impact on overall productivity. Only 2% of manufacturers expect a negative impact on productivity.

Published: 9 November 2017

Focus on Manufacturing - Edition 6

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