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Six-figure Settlement For Man In Serious Motorcycle Crash

Our serious injury lawyers helped a motorcyclist secure a six-figure settlement after a serious accident with a car.

Sam* worked as a motorcycle delivery driver before his accident, so he spent a lot of time on his motorcycle. Even though he had a lot of experience, he still couldn’t avoid an accident caused by another driver’s negligence.

Sam was riding his bike when a car suddenly pulled out in front of him. He collided with the car, causing him to fall off his bike and seriously injure his right leg.

He fractured his leg in a number of places and had to have surgery to try and repair some of the damage. Despite his surgery, Sam was still in constant pain.

Sam also developed a foot drop (a drop of the front foot because of weakness or damage to the muscles in the lower leg). He was completely dependent on family and friends and couldn’t do basic day-to-day things like having a bath or getting food. He needed to quit his job as a delivery driver leaving him feeling vulnerable about his financial security.

Sam contacted our serious injury solicitors in 2017 to investigate his accident. He wanted to see if he could get any compensation to help with his recovery and financial security.

Our team, led by Natasha Fairs, helped Sam secure over £100,000 from the insurers of the driver involved in the crash.

Sam was relived and delighted at this outcome. After more than two years after the accident, Sam could rest assured that he could get the rehabilitation he needed.

“Moving on from the crash has been incredibly difficult but this settlement is very welcome. I am hopeful that it will let me access treatment and physiotherapy to improve my physical condition and get me moving properly.

I also hope that my story will highlight to road users just why safety should always be their key concern. I would not want others to have to face the problems that I have.” – Sam, client

His lawyer, Natasha said:

“More than two years on from the collision Stephen’s injuries continue to have a major effect on his life. He has been forced to leave his job and remains in constant pain.

“While we hope that this settlement will help Stephen access the ongoing support he requires, we also hope that speaking out on this case will also act to remind motorists that they should always make safety a fundamental priority.” – Natasha Fairs, serious injury solicitor

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*Not client's real name.

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