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Eleven Holidaymakers Receive Compensation For Ruined Cruise Ship Voyages

Our holiday illness solicitors have helped eleven holidaymakers claim a combined five-figure settlement after their holidays were ruined by illness aboard the Arcadia cruise ship.

The group had all fallen ill with a variety of symptoms while travelling on board the ship between January and April 2015. Some suffered gastric symptoms fitting with food poisoning while others had respiratory problems. Six of the holidaymakers visited the on board medical centre for treatment, while others sought medical attention upon returning to the UK.

Doctors confirmed that one holidaymaker had a Campylobacter infection, the most common type of food poisoning in the UK. The campylobacter bacteria are usually found on raw or undercooked meat, particularly poultry.

Others were diagnosed with a lower respiratory tract infection – a contagious condition which affects the lungs and airways. This condition was already well known on board the ship and has earned the nickname ‘Arcadia cough’. Our lawyers had already helped 14 passengers who had caught the infection while travelling on the ship in 2012.

One couple our lawyers helped was David and Doreen Dale, both 77. They were on the cruise to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary having saved up for a year to cover the significant cost of the holiday. They both caught the ‘Arcadia cough’ which ruined their celebrations and continued to cause unpleasant symptoms even once they had returned home.

The couple had tried to visit the on board medical centre and enquired about seeing the doctor but were told that it wasn’t possible. They had a number of other concerns while they were on board, including the air conditioning in their room leaking and being too cold. They asked staff on the cruise ship to turn it off, but were informed this would also not be possible.

David and Doreen and the other cruise passengers got in contact with our holiday illness lawyers to see if we could help them claim compensation for their holidays. We were able to combine their claims into a single group claim and cruise company Carnival PLC, operating as P&O Cruises agreed to pay a combined five-figure sum to the holidaymakers.

Doreen, who is now retired and lives in Whitstable, Kent, said: “I am relieved that our legal battle is finally over. Our cruise was a nightmare and we were so disappointed and upset that our 50th wedding anniversary was ruined and we are glad Irwin Mitchell has managed to achieve a successful outcome for us”.

Jennifer Downing, the expert international personal injury lawyer at Irwin Mitchell who represented the group, said:

“Negotiating and securing this settlement for the passengers who suffered illness on board the Arcadia cruise ship in 2015 will hopefully finally provide a sense of closure for them. The ordeal these passengers went through and the problems they suffered as a result highlight how important it is that cruise companies ensure passengers are cared for properly whilst on board.”

If you have fallen ill while travelling on board a cruise ship, our holiday illness solicitors may be able to help you make a compensation claim. See our Cruise Illness Claims page for more information.

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