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Claiming Compensation For Personal Injury Because Of A Faulty Or Defective Product

As consumers, we all come into contact with dozens of products each day which are used to help us, feed us, or entertain us. We know that these items should be safe, yet too often they can injure us and lead to serious long-term problems.

"It was incredible, impressive and comforting how each member of the team was there to support us at different times." Mr R, Northumberland
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Here at Irwin Mitchell, we can help you if you have suffered an injury or fallen ill because of a faulty or defective product. As experts in product liability compensation claims, we will fight as hard as we can to get the best outcome for you.

Expert Product Liability Solicitors

We act for both individuals and groups of clients who have been injured by defective products.

If that injury arises from food, from domestic appliances, from cosmetics or medical products – (whether medical devices or pharmaceuticals) we can help you claim compensation.

Our current caseload includes:

If you have been injured by any of these products, or any other faulty product, we will work with you and do all that we can to help you make a successful defective product claim.

Our Expertise In Product Liability Cases

Our expert team has been working on cases arising from injuries caused by products since 1985 and have extensive experience of involvement in the leading cases on drug liability, medical negligence and public health claims – particularly in cases which have been conducted as Group Actions.

These claims include:

  • Claims arising from transfusion of contaminated blood
  • Faulty aspirin claims
  • Breast cancer screening errors
  • MRSA super bug claims
  • Variant Creutzfeld-Jakob Disease claims following the BSE Inquiry
  • Faulty defibrillators manufactured by Guidant
  • Dalkon Shield claims

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Defective Product Claims

  • Clinical Trials Claims
    If you or a family member has suffered an injury as a result of taking part in a clinical trial, you will want to know that your solicitors have the experience needed to help you with your claim.
  • De Puy Metal On Metal Hip Implants ASR
    Suffered pain or disability as a result of being fitted with a faulty De Puy ASR hip? Our expert defective products team could help you to claim compensation.
  • Faulty Defibrillator Claims
    Suffered pain as a result of being fitted with a faulty defibrillator? Our expert defective products team could help you to claim compensation.
  • Faulty E-Cigarette Compensation Claims
    Our product liability experts could help you make a compensation claim if your e-cigarette was faulty, causing serious injuries or household damage.
  • Faulty Hoverboard Claims
    Our product liability experts can help those who've suffered injuries and household damage because of electrical problems with their hoverboards.
  • “Mix And Match” Metal-On-Metal Hip Implants
    We have become aware that some patients are being fitted with "mix and match" hip implants using components that are not designed to be used together.

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