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When we need medical advice or treatment, we place a huge amount of trust in clinical experts. However, medical professionals can make mistakes, with serious consequences.

If you have suffered as a result of poor medical care, it can be difficult to know where to turn. We are one of the leading firms of medical negligence solicitors in the UK, with experience helping thousands of people. Our lawyers know what you’re going through, and will help you get answers and claim the compensation you deserve.

Our team can help you claim following negligence in hospitals, clinics or surgeries – whether they are NHS or privately managed. With lawyers specialising in particular areas of medical negligence (such as birth injuries for instance), we have experts who have a detailed knowledge of the particular clinical procedures that should have been followed. We offer a free initial consultation, and in many cases we can fund claims through a “No Win No Fee” agreement.

We have specialist lawyers based in Birmingham, Bristol, Cambridge, Leeds, London, Manchester, Newcastle, Sheffield and Southampton, as well as a consulting office in Middlesbrough.

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No Win No Fee

No Win No Fee

No Win No Fee with no financial risk*

Our 'No Win No Fee' agreement offers security and peace of mind when making a medical negligence claim.

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What Is Medical Negligence?

Medical negligence is a breach of the duty of care that a medical professional or organisation has towards its patients. Sadly, because of its nature, this negligence can often cause or make worse an existing illness or injury.

Some of the most common failures our lawyers come across include:

Can You Claim Compensation?

If you or a loved one has suffered due to a medical or clinical error, you could claim compensation. It’s important that you find out whether you have a legal claim as soon as you can, as there are strict time limits involved in cases of medical negligence.

Medical negligence claims generally have to be made within a time limit of three years of the date on which you became aware that you have suffered as a consequence of your medical treatment. Crucially, this may not necessarily have been at the time of your treatment or diagnosis. 

While three years is the general limit, there are different limits for cases involving children and those who lack mental capacity – please contact us to find out if you’re eligible to claim.

It doesn’t matter whether your treatment was undertaken at an NHS or private practice, and we may even be able to help if you suffered medical negligence while abroad.

How Our Solicitors Can Help You

We have one of the largest teams of medical negligence lawyers in the UK, and have helped thousands of people get the compensation and answers they deserve. The size of our team means that we are able to truly specialise in particular areas of medical negligence, allowing us to provide you with an unrivalled level of legal expertise.

We understand that claiming compensation is only part of story, and we will fight hard to also get you answers and an apology. In many instances, our work has helped the NHS and private organisations to put better systems in place, and improve things for future patients.

The Medical Negligence Claims Process

We offer a free initial consultation where we will discuss what has happened, and whether you have a legal claim.

Our lawyers will work tirelessly to gather the evidence we need to support your claim and talk you through everything that happens throughout your case. We will often arrange for medical reports to be written and seek expert opinions on your treatment and your injuries.

In certain circumstances, we will try to get you an early payment from your compensation so that you can pay your bills (if you can’t work, for example) or to pay for private treatment to help you to recover as quickly as possible. We can also help you access the specialist rehabilitation services through our dedicated team of client liaison managers. 

Compensation amounts will vary according to the short and longer term effects that the negligent treatment has caused. Your claim could include money to help with:

  • Loss of earnings
  • Medical treatment
  • Assistive technologies
  • Care costs
  • Adaptations to your home, or, if this is not possible, the funds required for you to move to a more suitable home

At the start of your claim, we will discuss the various funding options available. These may include using existing insurance cover you have, a No Win No Fee agreement, or, in some instances, legal aid.

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If you or a loved one has suffered because of a medical mistake or because of poor care given by a doctor or hospital staff, contact us for free on 0800 056 4110 or by email for free advice on claiming medical negligence compensation.


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The above information relates to the law in England and Wales.

* Subject to entering into a ‘No Win No Fee’ agreement in conjunction with our Allianz Litigate insurance policy and complying with your responsibilities under its terms.

Please note that we do not deal with Scottish medical negligence cases. Contact the Scottish Law Society on 0131 2267411 who can advise on the options available to you.

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