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Hoverboards, otherwise known as self-balancing scooters or swegways, became a popular Christmas gift in 2015 with hundreds of thousands being purchased. However, people have experienced a number of serious electrical problems with their devices, which have caused injuries and damage to their homes.

Hoverboard Problems

These devices are powered by rechargeable lithium ion batteries, but there have been a number of cases where these have broken down. When this happens the device can catch fire and even explode, causing damage to properties and potentially serious injuries to the user.

Lithium ion batteries are highly combustible and can burst into flames when punctured. Punctures can happen relatively easily, by just bumping or scraping the hoverboard. When a fire erupts because of the battery, they are very hard to extinguish because the battery is self-sustaining and is often being ridden in an area surrounded by flammable materials.

There are also concerns relating to manufacturing defects in the batteries and the charging systems of some of these products. Experts say that lithium ion batteries cannot accept excess charge and are usually designed with a self limiting circuit which prevents this from happening. In some hoverboard products, the batteries or the chargers are thought to be faulty, causing the hoverboard to over-charge and then ignite.

Our solicitors are currently acting for two families who have suffered injuries and property damage because of defective Airrunner hoverboards, purchased from Costco, which caught fire. We’re helping them to claim compensation to pay for the reconstruction of their home and to help them recover from their injuries. Find out more here.

Safety Concerns

Due to serious concerns that many hoverboards didn’t meet UK safety requirements, Amazon UK stopped selling its Swagway devices just before Christmas 2015. Halfords has also recalled its Airrunner Balance Board product and Costco has recalled its Airrunner hoverboard.

Many other products have either been recalled or are considered to fall short of European safety standards. In December 2015, reports suggested that Trading Standards seized over 17,000 hoverboards at UK ports, of which 15,000 were destroyed for failure to comply with safety standards

Officials advise that consumers should be extra vigilant when purchasing a hoverboard, ensuring that all components meet UK safety requirements before bringing them into the home.

Making A Claim

Our specialist defective products solicitors are highly experienced when it comes to getting compensation for people have been injured or suffered property damage because of faulty devices. We have experience handling claims for both individuals and groups, always working hard to get the best outcome possible.

We can help you make a claim if you’ve suffered an injury because of an exploding hoverboard or if you experienced damage to your property (which wasn’t covered by home insurance). Our experts are already helping people claim against the manufacturers of defective hoverboards and can help you if your device didn’t meet safety standards.

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