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Compensation For Children’s Accidents

Children have accidents all the time. Most parents will be used to dealing with cuts and bruises, and sometimes even more serious injuries. Often these injuries are just down to children being children , for instance being unsteady on their feet or they’ve hurt themselves while playing and nobody is to blame.

Sometimes though children are hurt because of a lack of safety measures. If your child has been injured in an accident that was caused by someone else, it may be possible to make a child injury claim. We understand that as a parent you will want to do all you can to relieve your child’s pain and suffering and get them the treatment and rehabilitation they need. We will help your child, you and your family to get the compensation and the justice you deserve.

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If your child was hurt at school or on a school trip, on the road, in a public place or even at home, it may be possible for you to make a claim.  Any money received could be used to pay for private medical treatment to speed up and maximise recovery, or for help with keeping up with their school work if they have had to take a lot of time off school.  The claim will recognise your losses for example loss of earnings while you provide care, and indeed recognises that there is a cost for the additional time that may be needed to care for a child that would otherwise be independent. A compensation settlement will also reflect the fact that your child has suffered pain and distress, and the money could be put into an account or trust to help them in the future.

How Irwin Mitchell Can Help You With Your Child Injury Claim

We have a specialist team of highly qualified and experienced personal injury solicitors who have years of experience in helping families to claim compensation after a child was injured.

This experience means that we are very much aware of the issues that you and your child will be facing. We will work closely with other departments in the firm so that we can give you detailed advice on issues such as:

  • Educational problems
  • Accommodation
  • Ongoing care
  • Family matters
  • Financial management

If your child has suffered significant injuries, we know that you might not want to leave their sides to come to our offices for an appointment.  Our solicitors would be very willing to travel to see you at home or in a hospital instead if that would help.

While we are usually contacted by a parent, we are happy for teachers, other professionals or even children themselves to get in touch with us. The law doesn’t allow those under 18 to deal with their own compensation claim, but someone else (usually a parent) can be appointed to deal with it on their behalf.

Compensation Following A Child’s Accident

“Peter’s rehab has been essential to his recovery and without the support of his legal team he wouldn’t have been able to access any of the intensive, private therapy that has been so important.” Brian
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The amount of compensation your child will receive will depend on the extent of their injuries.  With some injuries it is impossible to know when and how well your child will recover fully, and so claims for compensation involving children (particularly those with serious injuries) can take considerable time.  Throughout that time, we will fight your child’s case with diligence, sensitivity and care and will also ask the court to award compensation during the case to pay for any rehabilitation (such as physiotherapy), medical treatment or other expenses that would benefit your child.

We will also get expert medical and educational reports to help us fully understand the impact of the injuries. This means that when a compensation settlement is paid, it will value the claim properly and you get the compensation your child deserves. Once a settlement is paid we can help with investment advice and the creation of a personal injury trust so that you can make sure your child is cared for throughout their lifetime.

We offer support to families on a wide range of legal issues to do with children - please download our brochure (PDF) to find out more.

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