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Electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes), otherwise known as vapour cigarettes or e-liquid cigarettes have become more and more popular with smokers in recent years with over two million people now using them instead of regular cigarettes in the UK.

E-cigarettes release battery-powered vaporized liquid nicotine, which simulates the feeling of smoking without  the health risks associated with the use of tobacco in regular cigarettes. Because of this, e-cigarettes are considered to be a healthier alternative to smoking.

However, a high number of people have experienced dangerous incidents including fires with their e-cigarettes, which has led to serious injuries and damage to their homes.

If you’ve suffered injuries or household damage due to a faulty e-cigarette, we may be able to help you claim compensation.

E-Cigarette Safety Concerns

Lithium Batteries

The most common cause of e-cigarette injury has been due to the lithium batteries used to power the device becoming overheated in the user’s pocket and ‘exploding’.

This is known as “thermal runaway”, where the batteries inside the e-cigarette overheat and vent off gas, which is then set alight by the heat of the battery.

When this happens, the device can catch fire and even explode, causing damage to properties and potentially serious injuries to the user.

This particular type of incident has been known to cause serious burn injuries to the victim’s legs, with amputations being needed as a result in the most severe of cases.

Faulty Chargers

There have also been cases identified where users of an e-cigarette have been sold the wrong type of charger to power the device. This has also led to fire related incidents with severe damage to the home and injuries caused as a result.

Our factsheet has more information on the safety concerns around e-cigarettes.

Making A Claim

Our solicitors are currently acting for many individuals and families who have suffered injuries and property damage because of e-cigarettes which have caught fire or exploded. We’re helping them to claim compensation to pay for the reconstruction of their home and to help them recover from their injuries.

One client we’re currently acting for is Colin from Manchester, who suffered severe burns to his leg and hands after his e-cigarette exploded inside his pocket, due to the replacement lithium battery he purchased becoming too hot inside the device. Read the full story here

We can help you make a claim if you’ve suffered an injury because of an exploding electronic cigarette or if you experienced damage to your property (which wasn’t covered by home insurance). 

Our experts are already helping people claim against the manufacturers of defective e-cigarettes and can help you if your device didn’t meet safety standards.

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