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Brain injuries can have a lasting impact on how you live your life in any number of ways. Our brain injury solicitors can help you claim the compensation you deserve, and get access to specialist care and rehabilitation services.

A serious head injury can leave you with lasting damage to your brain, which can lead to physical problems with movement, balance and speech, as well as cognitive impairment such as poor memory or attention and personality changes. These problems can put a huge strain on your work, quality of life and relationships.

Our specialist head injury solicitors have helped thousands of clients to make compensation claims after an injury which has led to problems with brain function in many different kinds of incident, including:

  • Road traffic accidents
  • Falls from height
  • Accidents at work
  • Military accidents

Our brain injury lawyers will get the funds you need to make the necessary changes to your lifestyle and access high quality rehabilitation.

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Brain Injury Claims - More Information
    • How Can I Claim For A Brain Injury?
    • Our solicitors handle head and brain injury compensation claims every day, but we understand that no two cases are the same. We know that you’ll have plenty to deal with already, seeing doctors, therapists and other specialists and learning to cope with your injuries.

      The first step we take is to listen to your story. Once you’ve told us about what happened and your situation, it’s our job then to get the evidence to prove your case. When we have this, we can start making a claim for compensation. 

      Sometimes it might be better for you if we negotiate a settlement with the person or company that has caused your injuries, rather than go to court. We’ll discuss all of the options with you clearly and make sure that you’re happy with whatever plan we agree on.

      Choose us for your head injury claim and you will benefit from:

      • An early investigation of who’s to blame for your injuries
      • Interim compensation payments where possible to pay for private healthcare, rehabilitation and to help to pay your bills if you can’t work
      • Expert advice on state benefits, your employment rights and other financial issues
      • Help if you need it from solicitors in our other departments, such as financial planning, personal injury trusts, Wills advice and power of attorney
      • Access to our Court of Protection team if you or a loved one suffered a very severe brain injury and now need assistance with managing your financial affairs

      Every year we recover millions of pounds in compensation for people who suffer brain injuries.

    • What Are The Time Limits For Making A Brain Injury Claim?
    • Normally, a personal injury claim must be made within three years of the accident (or, if a child is involved, three years after they turn 18). However, there’s no limit when the individual can’t manage their legal affairs because of mental incapacity – this often applies to brain injury claims. 

      If you’re unsure whether you can claim for you or your loved one’s injury, contact us for specialist advice on 0800 056 4110.

    • Can I Make A Claim On A No Win No Fee Basis?
    • Yes, many of our cases are funded with a No Win No Fee agreement. This means that there’s no financial risk to you when making a compensation claim*.

      At the start of your case we’ll discuss funding options with you. If you have legal expenses insurance (LEI) or are covered by a union policy, these may be best for you. Legal expenses insurance is included in many household insurance policies, so it’s always worth checking whether you’re covered.

      If we think you’re best supported by a No Win No Fee agreement, we’ll use this option to fund your case. It involves setting up an insurance policy that will cover the legal fees if your case isn’t successful, at no cost to you. You’ll only have to pay anything when your claim is successful – your opponent will pay most of our fees, with the rest coming out of a pre-agreed proportion of your compensation.

    • Meet Our Experts
    • With offices across the UK, we’re consistently ranked amongst the very best serious injury lawyers in the country by independent legal guides who say Irwin Mitchell’s “dedication for its clients is matched only by the astounding results it obtains” (Legal 500, 2015). We’ve also won Post Magazine’s Rehabilitation Award on seven different occasions and have close relationships with charities like Brake.

      Meet the team

I’m relieved that the legal action has ended, knowing that I can continue to improve my recovery by accessing specialist rehabilitation services which have helped me get this far."

Jaxx, client
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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Different Types Of Head And Brain Injury?

There are four main types of head and brain injury, all of which can have consequences ranging from relatively mild to life-changing:

  • Concussion: the sudden but short-term loss of consciousness after a blow to the head
  • Closed head injury: when the brain  isn’t penetrated by an object and the skull remains intact
  • Open head injury: when an object penetrates the brain through the skull  
  • Diffuse axonal injury (also known as a shearing brain injury): an injury caused by the brain moving back and forth in the skull, rather than a single blow.

An acquired brain injury (ABI) encompasses injuries caused by a sudden jolt or blow to the head and also those injuries that come about as a result of medical conditions like strokes and brain haemorrhages.

Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) are a type of ABIs, specifically caused by sudden blows (for example in road traffic accidents or falls from height). 

When an ABI is caused by a misdiagnosed stroke, aneurysm or another clinical condition, we’re able to call on the expertise of our dedicated medical negligence solicitors. These injuries often involve the brain’s oxygen supply being cut off (hypoxia), often leading to a new set of challenges for victims. Diabetic people must be monitored closely after a brain injury – if their blood sugar levels drop dangerously low in a hypoglycaemic episode, this can make the brain injury more severe.

If you or a loved one has suffered a head injury, our brain injury solicitors will investigate your case and establish who was to blame. We have an established network of independent specialists who can provide expert evidence in a claim. It’s normal to have a number of appointments, because this helps to put a financial value on the extent of your injury and injury-related losses.

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What Are The Symptoms And Effects Of A Head Or Brain Injury?

After a brain injury, you could suffer from a number of typical symptoms, which range in severity according to the kind of injury. A lot depends on whether your injury’s restricted to one part of the brain or affects a more extensive area (i.e. whether it’s focal or diffuse).

Some of the typical symptoms and effects of a brain injury include:

  • Memory impairment
  • Seizures
  • Changes in behaviour
  • Loss of co-ordination
  • Extreme fatigue
  • Loss of limb control

These all need to be taken into account when working out how much compensation you need to have a good standard of life. Our solicitors will treat your case as unique and look to offer the right support for you. This could mean any of the following therapies:

  • Occupational therapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Speech therapy
  • Counselling
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What Support Will I Need After A Head Injury?

Brain damage can have a profound effect on a person’s life, as well as their loved ones. You may need to make radical changes to your lifestyle in order to adjust to your injury, and this could be a daunting prospect.

Our brain injury solicitors recognise that money alone won’t solve all the problems you face, so we can help with a range of other services including rehabilitation, personal injury trusts and legal advice from other departments within Irwin Mitchell.

Our dedicated client liaison team will make sure that you have access to the very best support after a brain injury. Typically we would assist with or arrange the following:

As one of the UK’s largest law firms, we can offer a range of in-house legal services:

  • Our Court of Protection department, the country’s biggest, supports clients who need help managing their compensation. We’re able to help with important issues like power of attorney, which allows you to decide who looks after your affairs if you were to become unable to make such decisions later on in life. 
  • We can also help you set up a personal injury trust to protect your compensation and continue your eligibility for certain state benefits.
  • Our leading Wills team offer another way to plan for the future, whether it means writing a new Will or amending an existing one.

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Awards & Recognition

We're always proud to be recognised for the work we do for our clients and have been named as a leading firm in the latest legal guides - which provide information and recommendations about lawyers and law firms in the UK.

"The lawyers are heavyweight individuals in a big firm, but they never compromise on client care. They handle cases with striking compassion and insight."
We're delighted to have been named Claimant Solicitor of the Year in the 2016 Post Magazine Rehabilitation First Awards, an award we've won on seven occasions.
"'One of the best’ and ‘go-to firm’ Irwin Mitchell covers the full range of work, and specialises in complex, unique cases."

What Our Clients Say

We truly value and appreciate the feedback we receive from our clients, as we look to improve the services we offer on an ongoing basis.

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Our commitment is to you.

Many of our serious injury lawyers are recognised as experts in their field in independent legal guides. We have also won numerous awards for our work with clients with brain injuries, including winning Post Magazine’s Rehabilitation Award for Claimant Solicitors on seven occasions. 

A number of our team volunteer with brain injury charities and support groups, and we are proud supporters of:

  • Headway – the Brain Injury Association
  • Brain and Spine Foundation
  • UK Acquired Brain Injury Forum
  • Child Brain Injury Trust

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