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Legionnaires’ disease is a potentially deadly infection often caused by poor maintenance of water systems. Hotels, hospitals and other highly populated buildings are the most common source of Legionnaires’ outbreaks, with the disease accounting for up to 2% of UK hospital cases of pneumonia.

If you or a loved one has developed Legionnaires’ disease at home or abroad, you could be entitled to compensation – the owners of buildings have a duty to ensure conditions are safe.

When hygiene standards slip and maintenance processes break down, the consequences of an outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease can be tragic. The symptoms of the legionella bacteria are not only deeply unpleasant – victims typically suffer from chest pain, vomiting and diarrhoea – but the disease has a death rate of about 10% in previously healthy people.

Our Experience In Legionnaires’ Disease Claims

Our team of illness outbreak lawyers are renowned for their international and domestic expertise in representing both individuals and large groups of people affected by Legionnaires’ disease.

In 2012, there was a Legionnaires' outbreak in Stoke. 21 people were affected, three fatally. We are working on 17 legal claims as a result of this outbreak, including representing the families of those who died.

In the video below, Amandeep Dhillon talks about how our team helped many people who were affected by the outbreak in Stoke.

We also represent 38 clients following a Legionnaires' outbreak in Edinburgh in 2012, including the families of three individuals that passed away. Read more about the Edinburgh outbreak and how we're helping our clients.

We also have extensive experience in international Legionnaires’ claims: in one such case, we helped a retired gentleman secure compensation in 2012 after he contracted Legionnaires’ on a luxury Caribbean cruise, reaching a five-figure settlement despite the tour operator denying responsibility for his illness.

The risks of Legionnaires’ disease have been known for many years and there are very strict guidelines in place for cruise ships and hotels to prevent the spread of the disease. They include maintaining hot and cold water within the correct temperature range and strict maintenance of any storage tanks containing water to prevent the transmission of the bacteria. If these guidelines aren’t followed, the effects of an outbreak can be devastating. 

If you’ve contracted Legionnaire’s while on holiday abroad, we can help you claim compensation in a UK court. Our proven international track record means we have the experience to bring you justice, whether the outbreak was at home or abroad.

How We Can Help With Your Legionnaires’ Claim

As one of the country’s leading law firms, we have offices up and down the UK – we have the capability to help you, no matter where the location of the outbreak was. 

We’re experienced in pinpointing where the blame lies for a Legionnaires’ disease outbreak. Locating the source of an outbreak can be complex, especially when it happened abroad, but we’ll fight tirelessly until the relevant authorities have been brought to account, getting you the compensation you deserve.

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