Heartbroken Husband Of Former Seamstress Appeals To Ex Colleagues After Asbestos Death

Specialist Workplace Illness Lawyers Instructed To Investigate


The devoted husband of a woman who died from a terminal asbestos-related cancer is appealing to her former work colleagues to help with an investigation into how and when she was exposed to the deadly dust.

Mavis Quantock, who was originally from Dagenham, was 76 when she died in September 2013 not long after her diagnosis with mesothelioma.  Mesothelioma is an incurable cancer which is caused by exposure to asbestos in the past.  The diagnosis came out of the blue and was devastating for Mavis’s husband Ken and her family.

Ken Quantock, 82, has now instructed specialist workplace illness lawyers at Irwin Mitchell to investigate his wife’s exposure to the deadly asbestos dust. 

The mother-of-two, Mavis, worked as a seamstress for a company called Halle Models, based on Park Lane in Macclesfield, Cheshire from 1974 until the late 1980s. The clothing factory used to make clothes for many high street stores including Marks & Spencer, Debenhams and Littlewoods. The company’s premises stood near to where the well-known Arighi Bianchi warehouse now stands.  

Mavis herself told doctors after her diagnosis that she thought it was at Halle Models where she breathed in asbestos dust. She remembered asbestos resting mats for irons and asbestos on the pressing machines.

Expert Opinion
I’m very keen to speak to anyone who worked with Mavis at Halle Models or elsewhere who might have information about how Mavis came into contact with asbestos. If you worked with Mavis you might have vital information about her working conditions and we are asking for your help.

“Mesothelioma is a terrible disease for which there is currently no cure. The dangers of asbestos exposure have been known since the turn of the century. Employers took chances with asbestos in this country and people like Mavis have paid the price. Mavis’ case highlights the devastating consequences of asbestos exposure.

“It usually takes decades from breathing in asbestos dust for the symptoms of asbestos disease to take hold. Because of the time-lag it can be difficult to investigate how and when exposure to asbestos happened so we hope as many people as possible come forward to help Mavis’ family get answers.”
Geraldine Coombs, Partner
Lorraine, Mavis’ daughter who nursed her mother at home during her illness, said: “This last weekend was anniversary of mum’s death and it was very hard. We miss her terribly.  My daughter is leaving home to go to uni at end of this month and we are all driving her there.  I know my mum would have been so proud of her and would have wanted to be involved if she were here.  It’s times like this when I feel the loss most.

“Mum and dad both retired in 1992 and they were enjoying their retirement together after working hard all those years.  They were quite adventurous and travelled all over the world on holidays after retiring.  Mum and dad used to enjoy playing bowls together.  My dad is a very keen crown green bowler.   Mum was a very skilled seamstress and she used to love knitting as well.”  
Ken said: “I urge anyone who knew or worked with Mavis at Halle Models or elsewhere who can tell us anything about asbestos there to come forward as their information could be vital in helping us secure justice in Mavis’ memory.”

Anyone who knew or worked with Mavis and has any information about the presence of asbestos at Halle Models is asked to contact Geraldine Coombs at Irwin Mitchell on 0161 838 3059 or email geraldine.coombs@irwinmitchell.com.

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