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Calls For Further Mesothelioma Research After Grandfather's Death

Exposure To Asbestos Fibres Caused The Deadly Disease


Dave Grimshaw, Press Officer | 0114 274 4397
The partner of a former postman, who died at the age of 66, has called for further research into mesothelioma to find a cure.

Terence McCarthy, who was known as Terry, thought he was suffering from a chest infection, but tests in 2013 confirmed he had the deadly form of cancer, which was caused by his exposure to asbestos fibres 40 years earlier. 

Symptoms of mesothelioma usually develop 10-50 years after exposure to the substance, with sufferers living an average of 9-14 months following diagnosis.

His partner of 15 years, Margaret Poole, has now said more must be done to fund research into mesothelioma, which she described as a “death sentence”. She told The Bolton News that she had to watch her partner lie in agony for the final six months of his life.

She noted that very few people have heard of mesothelioma and are unaware of the devastating impact it can have on sufferers.

Her calls for an increased research in this area come after the Health and Safety Executive revealed a dramatic increase in the number of deaths from mesothelioma, with cases increasing 10 per cent in recent years. The British Lung Foundation has claimed the figures will continue to rise until around 2020, despite previous reports stating the peak would be reached in 2016.

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Expert Opinion
Mesothelioma is an aggressive and incurable cancer which causes a significant amount of distress to victims like Terence. Due to the long period of time between exposure and the appearance of symptoms, it can be difficult for people to recall how and when they came into contact with asbestos fibres.

"Sadly many employees in a variety of industries were let down by their employers, who knew about the dangers of asbestos fibres and dust, and this case highlights the devastating impact exposure to these materials can have years down the line. Through our work in cases similar to Terry’s, we have seen first-hand the terrible consequences that asbestos exposure has for victims, their families and local communities."
Geraldine Coombs, Partner

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