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Compensation for Injury After Fall Outside Shop

Katrina Elsey from our Public Liability Team in Sheffield settled a claim on behalf of a man who was injured in a fall after his feet became tangled in plastic wrapping tape used to bind newspapers together.

Our client’s accident happened on the 25 March 2005 when he had visited a Spar Shop to do his shopping. As he was exiting the shop he proceeded down a step when suddenly, his feet became tangled in plastic wrapping tape that had been left outside the shop. Our client was caused to stumble and fall into a concrete lamp post onto the pavement. As a result of the accident he suffered bruising to his face, head, left elbow and exacerbated problems with his back and both his knees.

It was found that a member of staff at the Spar Shop had completed the accident book and confirmed that the plastic wrapping tape had not been cleared away by them after unpacking the morning papers.

As a result, a claim was pursued against the shop.

Liability was admitted on the 21 December 2005 and an out of court settlement was reached, resulting in over £4,000 compensation.

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