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The UK has a proud history of its police force and public working together to make our communities safe and secure.  But police are human beings too and like everyone else they can make mistakes.  The difference between a police officer making an error of judgement and a member of the public is that the police may be armed, and will have certainly been extensively  trained on how to use physical force. 

The police have been allowed to carry Taser guns since 2003.  As long as they have received training on how to safely use a Taser gun, a police officer can use it if he/she is faced with serious threat of violence.  Unfortunately, it is hard to define ‘serious’ or determine what a ‘threat of violence’ is. Also, Taser guns must only be used with ‘fair force’ – but who says what ‘fair’ is?

Many people have been injured by Taser guns during peaceful protests, when being arrested and when they have already been put in handcuffs.  Taser guns do not normally cause lasting damage or injury, but they have been known to cause physical harm as well as psychological damage.  They can:

  • Trigger heart attacks or breathing problems in people who have underlying heart problems
  • Trigger heart or breathing problems in people who have taken illegal drugs

It can be very frightening to be arrested or restrained by a police officer anyway, but being restrained or having a weapon used against you can be even more terrifying, and can leave you with emotional and physical scars.  After all, the police have the power of authority behind them and challenging them, either during an incident or afterwards, can feel impossible.

Use Of Taser Guns By The Police: How Irwin Mitchell Can Help You

You may feel worried about making a complaint or claim for compensation against the police.  But if you have been injured (psychologically or physically) or just feel that the police have gone too far and abused their power, making a complaint or filing a claim can help you to feel better and more in control again.  Complaining or claiming against the police can also stop other people suffering in the same way you have.

We have a dedicated, experienced team of solicitors who have chosen to specialise in taking action against the police for injuring clients or breaching their human rights.

We will help you to complain to the police for inappropriate use of Taser guns, or other acts that have left you injured or unfairly arrested.  We will help you to seek:

  • An apology
  • Reassurance that the same mistakes will not happen again
  • Proper compensation for your injuries or breach of your human rights.

We will listen carefully to what has happened to you and answer any questions you might have.  We will give you clear advice in plain English and support you through the next steps.

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