In the vast majority of cases the various police forces around the UK provide an invaluable service. The authority given to police officers to enable them to protect and serve the public comes with great responsibility. It is when this responsibility is neglected or abused that innocent members of the public can be seriously injured, distressed or wrongfully arrested.

Our Track Record In Police Claims

If you believe you have been treated unfairly by the police, we have the experience and expertise needed to help you obtain an apology and pursue a claim for compensation or damages. Over the years we have been involved in a number of high profile claims against the police, working hard to protect the rights of innocent individuals who have been mistreated.

We may be able to help if you have been the victim of:

  • A wrongful arrest
  • Excessive force or assault
  • A malicious prosecution
  • Police negligence

Some examples of our past actions against the police include:

  • Many high profile challenges to police policy and activities
  • A proven track record of pursuing compensation claims against virtually every major police force in England and Wales
  • Particular experience in representing protestors, such as animal welfare and environmental campaigners
  • Active involvement in many major group protester’s rights actions such as Twyford Down, Newbury, Oxford Lab and others
  • Acting for the families of individuals who have died whilst in detention at a police station or prison – to establish the truth and if appropriate, obtain compensation
  • Representing a woman whose witness evidence was lost, causing a rape trial to collapse 

Fiona McGhie, one of our solicitors, worked with Cerebra to review and update their guide for parents on the 'arrest and detention of disabled children'.

What Can You Expect From Irwin Mitchell Solicitors?

When we help you claim compensation from the police, you can rest assured you are in the most experienced and expert of hands. Irwin Mitchell is one of the UK’s most successful and well-respected national law firms, and because of this, our specialist lawyers are some of the very best. The advice we provide is always clear, professional and straightforward, putting your interests first throughout the case. Not only that, we ensure you are kept fully informed about the progress of your case every step of the way. And if required, we will do all we can to protect your best interests, taking the determined action required to achieve a positive resolution for you and your family.

Contact Our Expert Claims Against The Police Team

If you feel you have been unfairly arrested or mistreated by the police or other detaining authorities, we have the experienced legal team you need to help you claim compensation. For an initial discussion about wrongful arrest, police negligence or any other claim against the police or other detaining authorities, please do not hesitate to contact us for a no-obligation consultation.


"They are increasingly a force to be reckoned with in inquests and deaths in custody." - Chambers & Partners 2014

"Particularly proficient where loss or injury is caused to the client due to negligence." - Chambers & Partners 2015

Claims Against The Police

  • Use Of Taser Guns By The Police
    Since the introduction of taser guns by the police, we have built up a successful track record in pursuing complaints about their misuse, and securing compensation for the victims of inappropriate taser use.

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