Personal Injury Compensation Guide

How Long Do Personal Injury Claims Take?

It’s difficult to give a precise length when it comes to settling a personal injury claim as proceedings can take from just a few months to several years. The length of claims can depend on the following factors:

  • Severity of injury or illness
  • Whether responsibility for injury is admitted
  • Complexity of injury
  • Collecting evidence

To ensure that your claim has the best chance of success, we need to investigate your case fully in the initial stages which can take time. We’ll instruct independent experts to look at your case and make sure that we’ve got all the evidence we need to give you the best chance of securing justice. Find out more about the claims process.

Collecting Medical Evidence

Our personal injury lawyers often refer clients to medical experts to prove that a particular incident caused your injuries or illness. These medical experts also advise us on how these injuries could influence your future and provide us with their specialist opinions on what care and equipment may be needed to aid with recovery.

Some injuries may require more than one examination, especially those that are more severe or complex. Evidence from different specialists, often from different medical areas, might be organised in order to analyse your injuries properly and to secure the best outcome for you.

Sometimes we might decide that we can’t settle your claim right away because your injuries haven’t reached their full extent. Settling your claim at this time could mean that you don’t secure the correct compensation and rehabilitation because your case has been undervalued.

In some cases we can secure early compensation payments (known as interim payments) to help with any immediate costs related to your rehabilitation and recovery.

What If Responsibility For My Injuries Is Denied?

If your opponent doesn’t accept responsibility for your injuries, this can slow down your claim. When this happens our lawyers will construct detailed arguments on your behalf, collecting a variety of evidence so that when we present our findings to the other party, we stand the best chance of success possible.

Depending on the type of accident you were involved in, we will collect a variety of evidence such as CCTV footage, witness statements and contracts, scrutinising them closely to back-up your claim. If after we’ve presented these the other party still doesn’t accept responsibility for your injuries, then we’ll help you take your case to court.

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