Personal Injury Compensation Guide

How Do I Make A Personal Injury Claim?

Our solicitors are aware that making a personal injury claim can seem very daunting and you might have a lot of questions. Here we explain how a claim is made and the steps you’ll go through while we help with your case.

Can I Make A Personal Injury Claim?

If you have suffered an injury or illness due to someone else’s negligence, you may be able to claim compensation.

Your compensation claim will be against the person or organisation (or their insurer) that’s responsible for your injury.

Personal injury claims usually have to start within three years of the accident (although there are some exceptions to this rule), so it’s best to get in contact as soon as possible. Read more about personal injury time limits.

When you come to us with a claim, it can be useful for us if you note down key information such as:

  • Expenses you’ve incurred in your treatment or care (with receipts if possible)
  • Witness names and contact details
  • Significant dates relating to the claim

It is also useful to keep hold of any correspondence such as letters and emails relating to your accident, injury or illness.

How Do I Get Started?

The first thing you need to do is contact our team and we’ll set up a free initial consultation where we’ll talk about your case. During this discussion our personal injury experts will advise you on whether you have a legal claim.

Cases are then assigned to a lawyer who specialises in the particular type of claim you are making. Your lawyer will talk you through details such as funding your claim and how long the process will take. Read more about the claims process.

We’ll make sure that you always know where your claim is in the process and will always be on hand if you have any questions as we move forward.

Can I Access Compensation Before The End Of My Claim?

You might be able to access early compensation payments (also known as interim payments).

These interim compensation payments can sometimes be secured in cases where the other party has admitted that they’re responsible for your injuries and will be allocated from your final compensation award.

Interim compensation can help you with your immediate care and rehabilitation needs. Getting this money sooner can help you to get your life back on track, so we’ll fight for this whenever appropriate.

How Could Making A Claim Help Me?

We know that no financial sum can sufficiently compensate you for your pain and suffering; but it can help improve your quality of life, making those everyday tasks a little easier.

We can help you recover compensation that looks after care, rehabilitation, loss of earnings and lifestyle adaptations. We firmly believe in the importance of rehabilitation and can help you gain access to specialist care, rehabilitation and support services.

Our personal injury experts will not only fight to secure compensation for you, but aim to get the apologies and answers you need to help you move on from your injury.

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