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For many of us, sport is an important part of our lives. It’s a chance to keep fit and socialise with friends. Taking part in any type of sport always carries some level of risk and we accept that injuries can happen. There are times however when someone else is to blame for your injuries and you may be able to claim compensation.

If you suffer an injury while taking part in sport and you feel that someone else, such as the organisers or another competitor was to blame, talk to our personal injury experts about making a claim.

How Irwin Mitchell Can Help You With Your Sports Injury Claim

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If you have been injured in a sporting accident that could have easily been prevented, we know how distressing it can be, especially if your injuries mean you have to give up the sport you love.

We have a team of dedicated, expert solicitors who specialise in getting compensation for our clients who have suffered sport-related injuries.  The law relating to who is responsible for sport-related injuries is complicated and not everybody who is injured can claim, but our expert solicitors have years of experience in these claims and we will give you an honest opinion on your chances of success.

We have a strong track-record of helping people claim compensation after they have been injured while taking part in sport, including:

How Compensation Can Help After A Sporting Accident

We know that people who enjoy sports find it very frustrating and upsetting to be prevented from playing sport because of an injury.  If that is someone else’s fault, you’re bound to feel aggrieved and want to make sure that the person or business responsible is held to account and that nobody else will suffer in the same way.

We will fight on your behalf to get proper compensation for your injuries and for any financial losses you might have suffered (from the costs of hospital visits to loss of income).  We will also make sure that you have access to proper support, such as rehabilitation and physiotherapy, to help you to recover from your injuries.

Claims for personal injury compensation can take a long time to reach a settlement, especially if the person you’re claiming against disputes the claim.  If you are struggling to pay the bills in the meantime because you can’t work, or if you need private medical treatment to help you to recover as quickly as possible, we can ask the court to give you some of your compensation early to help.

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Sports Injury Claims

  • Football Injury Claims
    If you have suffered an injury whilst playing football, be it as a professional footballer or a Sunday League player, you could be entitled to claim sport injury compensation.

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