“Don’t Quit, Do It” – Be Part Of It

Did you know that, two thirds of disabled people would prefer to take part in sport with both disabled and non-disabled people, but that only half are doing so? Or that 16.8 per cent of disabled people take part in sport for 30 minutes once a week, compared to 39.9 per cent of non-disabled people?

Due to the work we do with people who have suffered life changing injuries, as well as those who support and care for them, we recognise the psychological, social and rehabilitative benefits that physical activity can have.

In the two years since we launched Don’t Quit, Do It, Irwin Mitchell has grown it’s support of inclusive and disability sports clubs, and events, in a bid to make sport available for all.

Thousands of amazing people across the UK already work tirelessly to make disability sport possible and soon we’ll be asking you to commit to supporting it and help us celebrate the individuals and clubs making sport more inclusive.

In the meantime you can help support Don’t Quit, Do It, by taking part in, becoming a spectator, or being an advocate of disability and inclusive sport.

This year we’ve partnered with two of the UK’s biggest mass participation inclusive events, Superhero Series and Parallel London, to help celebrate the ability in disability. So why not consider getting a team together or signing up to be part of it? 

"Don't Quit, Do It"

Our latest video series is about inspiring and encouraging people to get involved in sport.


"It Could Change Your Life."

Amputee football

Team sports are a valuable opportunity for disabled people to meet others who have been in a similar situation. 

We’ve produced videos of three sports – amputee football, powerchair football and wheelchair rugby – that show the amazing impact that they’ve had on the lives of those that take part in them.

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Hannah Cockroft

Hannah Cockroft

We’re proud to support multiple Paralympic gold medallist and world record holder, Hannah Cockroft MBE.

Giles Long


Paralympian Giles Long MBE is the creator of LEXI, a revolutionary way of explaining the different classifications in Paralympic sport.

Parallel London 2017

Photo accreditation: Pace Rehabilitation

Back for a second year, Parallel London is an inclusive running festival like no other.


Client Stories

David Follett

Read about the inspiring ways sport has helped our clients in their rehabilitation journey.

John Barnes And Portsmouth Amputee FC Team Up

Find out what happened when John Barnes and Portsmouth Amputee FC teamed up together.


Our solicitors believe in the importance of increasing the understanding of disability issues, so we’re proud to be associated with a number of events, people and organisations that promote disability sports in the UK. Some of the fantastic causes and individuals we support include:

Hampshire Cricket Board - Disability Programme

We’re proud to be working with Hampshire Cricket Board to help them provide a disability programme for those wanting to get involved with the sport.

Hampshire Cricket Board's Disability Programme 

Hampshire Harriers Wheelchair Basketball Team

Hampshire Harriers Wheelchair Basketball Team

As part of Don't Quit, Do It we're exceptionally proud to support the Hampshire Harriers Wheelchair Basketball team.

Hampshire Harriers Wheelchair Basketball 

Peterborough Phantoms Sledge Hockey Team

We've been helping to put Sledge Hockey in the national spotlight through our sponsorship of the Peterborough Phantoms.

Peterborough Phantoms Sledge Hockey

Hannah Cockroft MBE

Hannah Cockroft

We support world record holder and multiple Paralympic gold medallist Hannah Cockroft.

Hannah Cockroft MBE

England Amputee Football Association

Portsmouth Amputee FC

We work with the England Amputee Football Association (EAFA), helping them with the amazing work they do to promote and develop the sport.

England Amputee Football Association

Portsmouth Amputee Football Club

Portsmouth Amputee FC

This season we're helping raise awareness of amputee football with a sponsorship deal for Portsmouth Amputee Football Club.

Portsmouth Amputee FC

Giles Long MBE

Lexi Swimming S6

Giles Long MBE is one of Britain’s most decorated Paralympians. He’s also the creator of LEXI, a revolutionary way of explaining the different classifications in Paralympic sport. We’re proud to provide Giles with legal advice and support.

Giles Long MBE

How To Start Being Active

The Inclusive Fitness Initiative (IFI) provides accessible physical activity. The scheme is managed by the English Federation of Disability Sport (EFDS), with more than 400 IFI Mark gyms up and down the country. These facilities are equipped with IFI accredited fitness equipment and staffed by highly trained gym personnel who are specialists in adapted physical activity. IFI Mark facilities place inclusivity at the heart of the customer experience, with accessible changing rooms, training advice and equipment. To find your nearest IFI Mark gym, search this page

EFDS also has an extensive, regularly updated list of local activities, competitions and events to get involved with – visit their website to see what’s going on in your area.

BBC Get Inspired provides an activity finder for anyone to search a range of opportunities around the country. 

National Disability Sports Organisations

Eight national disability sports organisations give all kinds of guidance and opportunities for people with specific impairments to take part in sport and physical activity.

  • British Blind Sport helps visually impaired people participate in sport and physical activity. 
  • Cerebral Palsy Sport supports and enables people who have cerebral palsy to reach their potential. 
  • Dwarf Sports Association UK promotes regular, inclusive sporting opportunities for anyone with restricted growth.  
  • English Learning Disability Sport Alliance (ELDSA) is a partnership between two national disability sports organisations, Mencap Sport and Special Olympics GB. It supports sport and physical activity opportunities for people with a learning disability.
  • LimbPower supports amputees and people with limb impairments by enabling their participation in sport and leisure activity. 
  • UK Deaf Sport helps people who are deaf or hard of hearing to take part in sport and physical activity.
  • WheelPower provides opportunities, facilities and equipment to maximise the benefits of sport and an active lifestyle for disabled people. 

International Calendar

Find out what international events are taking place around the world on the BBC disability sport calendar

Hannah Cockroft MBE