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Every year around 70,000 Britons have hips replaced. Many of these patients have a “metal-on-metal” total hip replacement fitted, meaning the ball, socket and stem are made of metal, which in theory should last longer than older prostheses where the socket has a plastic liner.

Many different companies make metal-on-metal hip prostheses and these companies specifically warn that their components shouldn’t be used with components made by other companies. If the ball and socket is made by one company, the corresponding stem made by the same company should be used.

There are strict regulations around the manufacture and use of metal implants, with a CE Mark awarded to companies to confirm that the implants comply with the relevant European laws.

Our defective product solicitors have become aware that some patients are being fitted with “mix and match” implants, using components that weren’t designed or intended to be used together. Where this has happened, the individual or the establishment responsible for assembling the components takes on the responsibilities of a medical device manufacture and become responsible for obtaining a CE Mark. However, these mix and match devices have not undergone the testing that is needed to acquire the mark. This means that we do not know:

  • The risks to patients of having these implants fitted
  • How many of these implants will fail
  • How long the implants will last
  • How these implants will perform

Many patients with these implants require early surgery as a result of damage caused to the bone and tissue from metal particles released from the implant.

We are working on compensation claims on behalf of a group of individuals who have been harmed by the use of mix and match hip implants. If you have also suffered pain following hip replacement surgery and believe you may have been affected by this issue, contact our experts for a free initial consultation.

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This is a complex area of law and it’s important that you choose a law firm with experience in defective product claims. Our team is recognised in independent legal guides as one of the market leaders in this area and we have experience in a range of high-profile defective product cases and group claims, including claims as a result of faulty DePuy metal-on-metal hip replacements.

We have a group of clients who are making claims following the use of mix and match components, so we’re currently dealing with many of the individuals and establishments responsible. We have developed a clear strategy and the legal basis for taking these claims forward.

Our experience in defective medical product claims, as well as consumer and negligence claims, means we understand the different approaches needed and how to deal with claims against the NHS and private hospitals. These claims are technically complex, so you need specialist defective product solicitors with the right expertise and technical knowledge, not only in defective product claims but also in the way medical devices are regulated in Europe.

This work is ground-breaking, with no claims believed to have been made previously using these arguments. That means it’s important for you to work with a team of solicitors with a track record of innovation and pushing the boundaries of the law. As the largest national firm with years of history in this area, you can trust us to fight fearlessly to get the best possible outcome for your claim.

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