Asbestos-Related Disease Claims Guide

What Are The Time Limits For Claiming Asbestos-Related Disease Compensation?

You have three years to claim compensation for an asbestos-related disease, starting from the day that you were diagnosed with your illness. However, it’s important to get in touch with us as quickly as you can, so that we can begin the process of investigating your employment history and working out who was to blame for your exposure to asbestos.

Does It Matter If I Was Exposed Decades Ago?

As long as you begin your claim within three years of your diagnosis, it doesn’t matter if you were first exposed to asbestos years ago. We’re experienced at helping our clients investigate their employment history, tracking down those responsible for their exposure.

Our solicitors could also support you if you’ve been exposed to asbestos outside the workplace, for example as a result of washing a loved one’s dusty overalls. We were involved in the first successful environmental asbestos exposure case, representing June Hancock after she was exposed to asbestos by a factory near where she lived.

What If My Condition Has Deteriorated But I’ve Already Made A Claim?

If your claim was concluded on a provisional basis, then we could help you return to court for an increased compensation amount. For example, pleural thickening can indicate that there’s a risk you might go on to develop a more serious asbestos-related illness, such as:

In this sort of case, we can advise you on whether making a provisional claim with the option of going to court at a later date would be appropriate.

If your claim was concluded on a full and final basis then you won’t be able to make a further claim. However, if you are in any doubt you should contact us to see if you are still able to claim.

What Are The Time Limits If Someone Has Died?

If you want to claim on behalf of a loved one who has sadly died because of an asbestos-related disease, you’ll have three years to make a claim from the date of the death or from the point where a post-mortem revealed asbestos exposure as the cause of death.

If you pass away while your claim is in progress, your claim can be continued by your closest living relative/relatives. They will have three years, starting from the date of your death, to continue with your claim. Find out more.

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