Accidents At Work Guide

What If My Workplace Injury Was My Fault?

Even if you caused or contributed to your workplace accident, your employer may still be responsible in part for what happened.

You should always seek legal advice before reaching a conclusion over your own responsibility for the accident. You may have contributed in some way to the accident happening, but your employer may well still be liable, at least in part. We’ll investigate your accident circumstances and advise you about this.

What Are My Responsibilities At Work?

You have to act responsibly at work and take reasonable care for your own safety and that of your co-workers. Depending on your field of work, there may be particular regulations and approved standards you should be aware of and which you’ll be expected to adhere to.

What If I Was To Blame For My Injury But Hadn’t Received The Correct Safety Equipment Or Training?

Depending on the circumstances, your employer may well still be liable, though you might have to accept a reduction of your compensation. For example, if you were at fault for part of the accident, you may receive a 20% deduction in compensation to reflect the role that you played in your injury.

Our solicitors are prepared to battle for your best interests, putting forward a strong argument to make sure that you get the right amount of compensation.

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