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I am a Partner in the Cambridge and London offices and have been handling cases for victims of mesothelioma and asbestos-related disease generally for 25 years. I travel extensively within the East Anglian region, visiting patients in their homes to offer advice and assistance. I am a member of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers.


Rosemary Giles has "real expertise in asbestos related disease claims" – Legal 500 2016

Rosemary is "extremely talented and knowledgeable" – ​Legal 500 2016

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  • 16/05/2017
    Former Labourer Launches Appeal For Help After Asbestos Cancer Diagnosis

    “Our client’s story is similar to a huge number that we see every year, as it demonstrates how exposure to asbestos can have huge consequences and lead those affected to develop very serious conditions such as mesothelioma. “As part of our work on behalf of Bernard, we are keen to develop a greater understanding of the construction of the Montgomery Lines Barracks, the working conditions on the site and how he may have been exposed to asbestos during the work. “Any details regarding the project could prove vital in our efforts to secure him funds which will ensure he can get access to the vital support and assistance he now requires.”

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  • 07/11/2016
    Family Of Ipswich Joiner Appeal For Help After His Mesothelioma Death

    “Mesothelioma is an extremely aggressive form of cancer that can cause a great deal of pain and suffering for victims like Derek. “Sadly, due to the length of time it can take for symptoms to develop and the disease to be diagnosed we often see cases where individuals are unable to recall exactly when they were exposed to asbestos. “Unfortunately, due to the severity of the disease Derek was unable to provide a great deal of information about his working life to his family and they are now appealing to those who worked alongside him for information that will help them understand the circumstances around Derek’s exposure to the deadly substance. “We have started our own investigation into his exposure and would like to hear from anyone who worked with Derek at Sadler & Sons Ltd or E.R & F Turner, which later became Bull Motors, in the hope of providing Sheila and her children with the answers they deserve.”

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  • 05/09/2016
    Asbestos-Related Disease Lawyers Call For Improvements To Asbestos Monitoring In Schools

    “Asbestos was commonly used in the construction of public buildings, such as schools and hospitals, due to its fire retardant and insulating properties. “Sadly, as the substance deteriorates and falls into disrepair it can pose a danger to the health of those who come into contact with the dust and fibres releases. Clearly, in this case, the decision has been taken to protect staff and pupils from the potential dangers posed. “The delayed opening of the school for the new term should act as a reminder of the need to improve the way the presence of asbestos in schools in monitored and managed. It is also important that, where possible, asbestos is safely removed from public buildings to protect those who use them on a daily basis.”

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  • 01/08/2016
    Former Carpenter’s Devastated Family Call On His Ex Colleagues For Information After Asbestos-Related Death

    “Ann has been left devastated by Brian’s death earlier this year and she is desperate for answers about how and where he came into contact with the asbestos that caused him to develop mesothelioma. “We know from our experience how heartbreaking it can be for the friends and family of those diagnosed with mesothelioma, and it has been no different for Ann and the rest of the family. We want to hear from anyone who recalls working with Brian, particularly during his time at Stockley & Dighton, in the hope that the information they can provide will help Ann get the answers she wants. “We would like to hear from anyone who worked with Brian, those with information on the presence of asbestos at the sites he worked at, the safety measures in place to prevent exposure to asbestos and if employees were warned of the dangers asbestos posed to their health.”

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