Matthew Newbould



I am a solicitor in the Medical Product Liability and Medical Negligence team. 

My team and I deal with national and international group actions in relation to defective medical devices and pharmaceuticals or sub-standard medical treatment. 

I provide advice and pursue legal actions for the recovery of compensation for victims of defective medical products; I do not represent the manufacturers. 

I have been involved in this sort of work since I qualified as a solicitor in 2008.

What Is The Most Rewarding Aspect Of Your Role?

I tend to represent individuals, or groups of individuals, pursuing claims against multi-national pharmaceutical companies. Where harm has been done, I find it very satisfying to play my part in holding big business to account, and hopefully reducing the risk of the same harm happening again in the future. 

What Do You Like About Working At Irwin Mitchell?

Irwin Mitchell is one of the few firms in the UK with the expertise and resources to deal with the kind of case that I work on. From a professional point of view, I feel privileged to be working on the kind of technically challenging cases we are presented with. 

What Do You Do Away From The Office? 

I am lucky enough to live on the edge of the Peak District, so I like to get out there for a walk or a bike ride as often as I can. I play golf every now and then and try to read when I can.

Read My Comments On The Latest News

  • 23/02/2017
    Whirlpool Issue Advice On The Use Of Tumble Dryers Due To Increased Fire Risk

    “This modification is long overdue, and it is frankly unacceptable that Whirlpool have taken so long to get to this point. “The safety notice was first issued in November 2015. Since then, the owners of these dryers have been specifically assured by the manufacturer, that they are safe to use provided they are not left unattended. “However, that seems to assume that the Whirlpool customers will be able to safely deal with an electrical fire should it develop. This advice potentially increased the risk for consumers by placing them in harm’s way. “Product recalls protect consumers from risks by removing potentially dangerous products from the domestic environment. Whirlpool should have recalled and replaced these products from the outset and compensated their customers for the inconvenience associated with that. Instead, they have magnified the risk with irresponsible advice and no recall has been issued. “Whilst it is good news that Whirlpool have now modified their advice, there are clearly lessons to be learned from their actions. We hope in future that manufacturers of products with identified safety risks will take the necessary steps to protect consumers promptly and effectively.”

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  • 17/01/2017
    Film Producer Left With Scars After Being Burned In NutriBullet Explosion

    “NutriBullets are a popular gift all year round for those who are fitness fanatics. “It isn’t clear at this stage exactly why the machine exploded; we won’t know the reason for that until we have had the product examined by an expert. We do know that NutriBullet have been the victim of some counterfeiting recently, and that is one possible explanation, although Richard did buy this directly from one of the NutriBullet’s authorised seller sites. “Richard has been badly affected by what happened, with loss of confidence from his scarring, not being able to exercise which was a big part of his life and mental wellbeing, as well as loss of earnings which has put further strain on him as he provides for his wife. “There have been numerous product liability issues this year which have not only caused injuries to those affected but in some extreme cases family homes have been destroyed from defective products such as washing machines, hoverboards or e-cigarettes. “Richard’s case illustrates that even when buying through a reputable site, and buying a well-established branded product, consumers can still experience serious issues with products, and even day-to-day kitchen products. We hope our investigations will help shed light on what happened so that the risk of similar incidents can be reduced.”

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  • 02/12/2016
    Costco Settle Claim After Mum Suffers Burns From Son’s Exploding Hoverboard

    “Hoverboards are often bought as a present and are commonly used inside because they cannot be legally used on public land – this puts peoples’ homes at immediate risk. “JoAnn suffered serious burns on her arm, and the family is lucky to not have had their home destroyed in a fire from the explosion. We have seen hoverboard cases where families have been left without a home and possessions after they have been destroyed. “The majority of manufacturers and retailers care about the safety of their products and take a keen interest in securing the high standards their reputations depend upon. But the huge range of consumer products available in today’s market place inevitably means that some products are less safe than others, especially given the number of counterfeit products being sold. “Sometimes it can be really hard to tell the difference between counterfeit products and genuine items. Buying a fake electrical product can pose a serious safety threat, from leaking batteries to products overheating and exploding. “We provide tips for consumers on what to look for when they’re buying electrical goods, particularly on what to check for look for when buying. As we have seen in JoAnn’s case, even reputable retailers can find themselves, perhaps unwittingly, with defective products on their shelves.

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  • 22/11/2016
    Top 5 Tips For Buying Electrical Goods This Black Friday

    “Sometimes it can be really hard to tell the difference between counterfeit products and genuine items. Buying a fake electrical product can pose a serious safety threat from batteries leaking to products overheating and exploding. “We have seen first-hand consumers who have experienced buying fake or poorly manufactured goods and have suffered devastating injury as a result. “It is very important to understand what you’re looking for when buying electrical gifts this Christmas season to ensure that your presents for family and friends are genuine and safe.”

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